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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Damage of nonlinearly elastic materials at small strain : existence and regularity resultsThomas, Marita; Mielke, Alexander
2016Decay to equilibrium for energy-reaction-diffusion systemsHaskovec, Jan; Hittmeir, Sabine; Markowich, Peter; Mielke, Alexander
2014Deriving amplitude equations via evolutionary [Gamma]-convergenceMielke, Alexander
2015Deriving effective models for multiscale systems via evolutionary Gamma-convergenceMielke, Alexander
2009Differential, energetic, and metric formulations for rate-independent processesMielke, Alexander
2009Dispersive stability of infinite dimensional Hamiltonian systems on latticesMielke, Alexander; Patz, Carsten
2012Dissipative quantum mechanics using GENERICMielke, Alexander
2011Emergence of rate-independent dissipation from viscous systems with wiggly energies : dedicated to Ingo Müller on the occasion of his 75th birthdayMielke, Alexander; Müller, Ingo
2006Energy release rate for cracks in finite-strain elasticityKnees, Dorothee; Mielke, Alexander
2009Error estimates for space-time discretizations of a rate-independent variational inequalityMielke, Alexander; Paoli, Laetitia; Petrov, Adrien; Stefanelli, Ulisse
2006Existence results for a contact problem with varying friction coefficient and nonlinear forcesSchmid, Florian; Mielke, Alexander
2015Existence, numerical convergence, and evolutionary relaxation for a rate-independent phase-transformation modelHeinz, Sebastian; Mielke, Alexander
2010Formulation of thermo-elastic dissipative material behavior using GENERICMielke, Alexander
2015Free energy, free entropy, and a gradient structure for thermoplasticityMielke, Alexander
2010From damage to delamination in nonlinearly elastic materials at small strainsMielke, Alexander; Roubíček, Thomáš; Thomas, Marita
2010From discrete visco-elasticity to continuum rate-independent plasticity : rigorous resultsMielke, Alexander; Truskinovsky, Lev
2006[Gamma]-limits and relaxations for rate-independent evolutionary problemsMielke, Alexander; Toubíček, Tomáš; Stefanelli, Ulisse
2011Generalized Prandtl-Ishlinskii operators arising from homogenization and dimension reductionMielke, Alexander
2011Geodesic convexity of the relative entropy in reversible Markov chainsMielke, Alexander
2017Geometric properties of cones with applications on the Hellinger-Kantorovich space, and a new distance on the space of probability measuresLaschos, Vaios; Mielke, Alexander