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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006[Gamma]-limits and relaxations for rate-independent evolutionary problemsMielke, Alexander; Toubíček, Tomáš; Stefanelli, Ulisse
2011Generalized Prandtl-Ishlinskii operators arising from homogenization and dimension reductionMielke, Alexander
2011Geodesic convexity of the relative entropy in reversible Markov chainsMielke, Alexander
2017Geometric properties of cones with applications on the Hellinger-Kantorovich space, and a new distance on the space of probability measuresLaschos, Vaios; Mielke, Alexander
2008Global existence for rate-independent gradient plasticity at finite strainMainik, Andreas; Mielke, Alexander
2016Global existence results for viscoplasticity at finite strainMielke, Alexander; Rossi, Riccarda; Savaré, Giuseppe
2015Global-in-time existence of weak solutions to Kolmogorov's two-equation model of turbulenceMielke, Alexander; Naumann, Joachim
2016Gradient structure for optoelectronic models of semiconductorsMielke, Alexander; Peschka, Dirk; Rotundo, Nella; Thomas, Marita
2012Gradient structures and geodesic convexity for reaction-diffusion systemsLiero, Matthias; Mielke, Alexander
2009High-frequency averaging in semi-classical Hartree-type equationsGiannoulis, Johannes; Mielke, Alexander; Sparber, Christof
2012Homogenization of elastic waves in fluid-saturated porous media using the Biot modelMielke, Alexander; Rohan, Eduard
2007Interaction of modulated pulses in the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with periodic potentialGiannoulis, Johannes; Mielke, Alexander; Sparber, Christof
2008Lagrangian and Hamiltonian two-scale reductionGiannoulis, Johannes; Herrmann, Michael; Mielke, Alexander
2016Linearized elasticity as Mosco-limit of finite elasticity in the presence of cracksGussmann, Pascal; Mielke, Alexander
2011Linearized plasticity is the evolutionary [Gamma]-limit of finite plasticityMielke, Alexander; Stefanelli, Ulisse
2017Local control of globally competing patterns in coupled Swift-Hohenberg equationsBecker, Maximilian; Frenzel, Thomas; Niedermayer, Thomas; Reichelt, Sina; Mielke, Alexander; Bär, Markus
2008Modeling solutions with jumps for rate-independent systems on metric spacesMielke, Alexander; Rossi, Riccarda; Savaré, Giuseppe
2006Multi-pulse evolution and space-time chaos in dissipative systemsZelik, Sergey; Mielke, Alexander
2015Non-equilibrium thermodynamical principles for chemical reactions with mass-action kineticsMielke, Alexander; Patterson, Robert I. A.; Peletier, Mark A.; Renger, D. R. Michiel
2011Nonsmooth analysis of doubly nonlinear evolution equationsMielke, Alexander; Rossi, Riccarda; Savaré, Giuseppe