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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Spectrum and amplitude equations for scalar delay-differential equations with large delayYanchuk, Serhiy; Lücken, Leonhard; Wolfrum, Matthias; Mielke, Alexander
2007Thermally driven phase transformation in shape-memory alloysMielke, Alexander; Petrov, Adrien
2011Thermomechanical modeling of energy-reaction-diffusion systems, including bulk-interface interactions : dedicated to Michel Frémond on the occasion of his seventieth birthdayMielke, Alexander; Frémond, Michel
2006Two-scale homogenization for evolutionary variational inequalities via the energetic formulationMielke, Alexander; Timofte, Aida
2013Two-scale homogenization of nonlinear reaction-diffusion systems with slow diffusionMielke, Alexander; Reichelt, Sina; Thomas, Marita
2013Uniform asymptotic expansions for the infinite harmonic chainMielke, Alexander; Patz, Carsten
2016Uniform exponential decay for reaction-diffusion systems with complex-balanced mass-action kinetics : dedicated to Bernold Fiedler on the occasion of his sixtieth birthdayMielke, Alexander
2015Variational approaches and methods for dissipative material models with multiple scalesMielke, Alexander
2012Variational convergence of gradient flows and rate-independent evolutions in metric spacesMielke, Alexander; Rossi, Riccarda; Savaré, Giuseppe
2007Weak-convergence methods for Hamiltonian multiscale problemsMielke, Alexander
2009Weighted energy-dissipation functionals for gradient flowsMielke, Alexander; Stefanelli, Ulisse