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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Simultaneous in situ measurements of small-scale structures in neutral, plasma, and atomic oxygen densities during the WADIS sounding rocket projectStrelnikov, B.; Eberhart, M.; Friedrich, M.; Hedin, J.; Khaplanov, M.; Baumgarten, G.; Williams, B.P.; Staszak, T.; Asmus, H.; Strelnikova, I.; Latteck, R.; Grygalashvyly, M.; Lübken, F.-J.; Höffner, J.; Wörl, R.; Gumbel, J.; Löhle, S.; Fasoulas, S.; Rapp, M.; Barjatya, A.; Taylor, M.J.; Pautet, P.-D.
2013Simultaneous observations of a Mesospheric Inversion Layer and turbulence during the ECOMA-2010 rocket campaignSzewczyk, A.; Strelnikov, B.; Rapp, M.; Strelnikova, I.; Baumgarten, G.; Kaifler, N.; Dunker, T.; Hoppe, U.-P.
2009Small-scale structures in neutrals and charged aerosol particles as observed during the ECOMA/MASS rocket campaignStrelnikov, B.; Rapp, M.; Strelnikova, I.; Engler, N.; Latteck, R.
2006The thermal and dynamical state of the atmosphere during polar mesosphere winter echoesLübken, F.-J.; Strelnikov, B.; Rapp, M.; Singer, W.; Latteck, R.; Brattli, A.; Hoppe, U.-P.; Friedrich, M.
2019Thermal structure of the mesopause region during the WADIS-2 rocket campaignWörl, R.; Strelnikov, B.; Viehl, T.P.; Höffner, J.; Pautet, P.-D.; Taylor, M.J.; Zhao, Y.; Löbken, F.-J.
2005Turbulent energy dissipation rates observed by Doppler MST Radar and by rocket-borne instruments during the MIDAS/MaCWAVE campaign 2002Engler, N.; Latteck, R.; Strelnikov, B.; Singer, W.; Rapp, M.