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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Amorphous martensite in β-Ti alloysZhang, L.; Zhang, H.; Ren, X.; Eckert, J.; Wang, Y.; Zhu, Z.; Gemming, T.; Pauly, S.
2019Discovery of TaFeSb-based half-Heuslers with high thermoelectric performanceZhu, H.; Mao, J.; Li, Y.; Sun, J.; Wang, Y.; Zhu, Q.; Li, G.; Song, Q.; Zhou, J.; Fu, Y.; He, R.; Tong, T.; Liu, Z.; Ren, W.; You, L.; Wang, Z.; Luo, J.; Sotnikov, A.; Bao, J.; Nielsch, K.; Chen, G.; Singh, D.J.; Ren, Z.
2018Discovery of ZrCoBi based half Heuslers with high thermoelectric conversion efficiencyZhu, H.; He, R.; Mao, J.; Zhu, Q.; Li, C.; Sun, J.; Ren, W.; Wang, Y.; Liu, Z.; Tang, Z.; Sotnikov, A.; Wang, Z.; Broido, D.; Singh, D.J.; Chen, G.; Nielsch, K.; Ren, Z.
2018A diuranium carbide cluster stabilized inside a C80 fullerene cageZhang, X.; Li, W.; Feng, L.; Chen, X.; Hansen, A.; Grimme, S.; Fortier, S.; Sergentu, D.-C.; Duignan, T.J.; Autschbach, J.; Wang, S.; Wang, Y.; Velkos, G.; Popov, A.A.; Aghdassi, N.; Duhm, S.; Li, X.; Li, J.; Echegoyen, L.; Schwarz, W.H.E.; Chen, N.
2013Generation of crystal-structure transverse patterns via a self-frequency-doubling laserYu, H.; Zhang, H.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Z.; Wang, J.; Petrov, V.
2013Optical orbital angular momentum conservation during the transfer process from plasmonic vortex lens to lightYu, H.; Zhang, H.; Wang, Y.; Han, S.; Yang, H.; Xu, X.; Wang, Z.; Petrov, V.; Wang, J.
2019Single Molecule Magnetism with Strong Magnetic Anisotropy and Enhanced Dy∙∙∙Dy Coupling in Three Isomers of Dy-Oxide Clusterfullerene Dy2O@C82Yang, W.; Velkos, G.; Liu, F.; Sudarkova, S.M.; Wang, Y.; Zhuang, J.; Zhang, H.; Li, X.; Zhang, X.; Büchner, B.; Avdoshenko, S.M.; Popov, A.A.; Chen, N.
2019Strong Wet and Dry Adhesion by Cupped MicrostructuresWang, Y.; Kang, V.; Arzt, E.; Federle, W.; Hensel, R.