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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Characteristics of regional new particle formation in urban and regional background environments in the North China PlainWang, Z. B.; Hu, M.; Sun, J. Y.; Wu, Z. J.; Yue, D. L.; Shen, X. J.; Zhang, Y. M.; Pei, X. Y.; Cheng, Y. F.; Wiedensohler, A.
2011Evaluation on the role of sulfuric acid in the mechanisms of new particle formation for Beijing caseWang, Z. B.; Hu, M.; Yue, D. L.; Zheng, J.; Zhang, R. Y.; Wiedensohler, A.; Wu, Z. J.; Nieminen, T.; Boy, M.
2013Long-term measurements of particle number size distributions and the relationships with air mass history and source apportionment in the summer of BeijingWang, Z. B.; Hu, M.; Wu, Z. J.; Yue, D. L.; He, L. Y.; Huang, X. F.; Liu, X. G.; Wiedensohler, A.
2015Mixing state of atmospheric particles over the North China PlainZhang, S. L.; Ma, N.; Kecorius, S.; Wang, P. C.; Hu, M.; Wang, Z. B.; Größ, J.; Wu, Z. J.; Wiedensohler, A.
2015Some insights into the condensing vapors driving new particle growth to CCN sizes on the basis of hygroscopicity measurementsWu, Z. J.; Poulain, L.; Birmili, W.; Größ, J.; Niedermeier, N.; Wang, Z. B.; Herrmann, H.; Wiedensohler, A.
2010The roles of sulfuric acid in new particle formation and growth in the mega-city of BeijingYue, D. L.; Hu, M.; Zhang, R. Y.; Wang, Z. B.; Zheng, J.; Wu, Z. J.; Wiedensohler, A.; He, L. Y.; Huang, X. F.; Zhu, T.
2013The simulations of sulfuric acid concentration and new particle formation in an urban atmosphere in ChinaWang, Z. B.; Hu, M.; Mogensen, D.; Yue, D. L.; Zheng, J.; Zhang, R. Y.; Liu, Y.; Yuan, B.; Li, X.; Shao, M.; Zhou, L.; Wu, Z. J.; Wiedensohler, A.; Boy, M.