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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Bio-responsive polymer hydrogels homeostatically regulate blood coagulationMaitz, M.F.; Freudenberg, U.; Tsurkan, M.V.; Fischer, M.; Beyrich, T.; Werner, C.
2018Biogeochemical potential of biomass pyrolysis systems for limiting global warming to 1.5 °CWerner, C.; Schmidt, H.-P.; Gerten, D.; Lucht, W.; Kammann, C.
2013Discovery of 505-million-year old chitin in the basal demosponge Vauxia gracilentaEhrlich, H.; Rigby, J.K.; Botting, J.P.; Tsurkan, M.V.; Werner, C.; Schwille, P.; Petrášek, Z.; Pisera, A.; Simon, P.; Sivkov, V.N.; Vyalikh, D.V.; Molodtsov, S.L.; Kurek, D.; Kammer, M.; Hunoldt, S.; Born, R.; Stawski, D.; Steinhof, A.; Bazhenov, V.V.; Geisler, T.
2013Geometry-Driven Cell Organization Determines Tissue Growths in Scaffold Pores: Consequences for Fibronectin OrganizationJoly, P.; Duda, G.N.; Schöne, M.; Welzel, P.B.; Freudenberg, U.; Werner, C.; Petersen, A.
2014Glycosaminoglycan-based hydrogels to modulate heterocellular communication in in vitro angiogenesis modelsChwalek, K.; Tsurkan, M.V.; Freudenberg, U.; Werner, C.
2013Growth induction and low-oxygen apoptosis inhibition of human CD34 + progenitors in collagen gelsAvitabile, D.; Salchert, K.; Werner, C.; Capogrossi, M.C.; Pesce, M.
2012In vitro model of metastasis to bone marrow mediates prostate cancer castration resistant growth through paracrine and extracellular matrix factorsLescarbeau, R.M.; Seib, F.P.; Prewitz, M.; Werner, C.; Kaplan, D.L.
2010A novel, low-volume method for organ culture of embryonic kidneys that allows development of cortico-medullary anatomical organizationSebinger, D.D.R.; Unbekandt, M.; Ganeva, V.V.; Ofenbauer, A.; Werner, C.; Davies, J.A.
2012Progress and challenges in using stable isotopes to trace plant carbon and water relations across scalesWerner, C.; Schnyder, H.; Cunt, M.; Keitel, C.; Zeeman, M. J.; Dawson, T. E.; Badeck, F.-W.; Brugnoli, E.; Ghashghaie, J.; Grams, T. E. E.; Kayler, Z. E.; Lakatos, M.; Lee, X.; Máguas, C.; Ogée, J.; Rascher, K. G.; Siegwolf, R. T. W.; Unger, S.; Welker, J.; Wingate, L.; Gessler, A.
2011Smart skin patterns protect springtailsHelbig, R.; Nickerl, J.; Neinhuis, C.; Werner, C.
2013Tunable nano-replication to explore the omniphobic characteristics of springtail skinHensel, R.; Helbig, R.; Aland, S.; Voigt, A.; Neinhuis, C.; Werner, C.