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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Improving the modulation bandwidth in semiconductor lasers by passive feedbackRadziunas, Mindaugas; Glitzky, Annegret; Bandelow, Uwe; Wolfrum, Matthias; Troppenz, Ute; Kreissl, Jochen; Rehbein, Wolfgang
2016Is there an impact of small phase lags in the Kuramoto model?Omelchenko, Oleh; Wolfrum, Matthias
2018Leap-frog patterns in systems of two coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo unitsEydam, Sebastian; Franovic, Igor; Wolfrum, Matthias
2017Mode-locking in systems of globally coupled phase oscillatorsEydam, Sebastian; Wolfrum, Matthias
2018Noise-induced switching in two adaptively coupled excitable systemsBačić, Iva; Yanchuk, Serhiy; Wolfrum, Matthias; Franović, Igor
2012Nonuniversal transitions to synchrony in the Sakaguchi-Kuramoto modelOmel'chenko, Oleh; Wolfrum, Matthias
2011On the stability of periodic orbits in delay equations with large delaySieber, Jan; Wolfrum, Matthias; Lichtner, Mark; Yanchuk, Serhiy
2006Oscillatory instability in systems with delayWolfrum, Matthias; Yanchuk, Serhiy
2013Partially coherent twisted states in arrays of coupled phase oscillatorsOmel'chenko, Oleh; Wolfrum, Matthias; Laing, Carlo
2017Phase sensitive excitability of a limit cycleFranovic, Igor; Omelchenko, Oleh E.; Wolfrum, Matthias
2015Regular and irregular patterns of self-localized excitation in arrays of coupled phase oscillatorsWolfrum, Matthias; Omel'chenko, Oleh; Sieber, Jan
2007Slow motion of quasi-stationary multi-pulse solutions by semistrong interaction in reaction-diffusion systemsWolfrum, Matthias; Ehrt, Julia
2010Spectral properties of chimera statesWolfrum, Matthias; Omel'chenko, Oleh; Yanchuk, Serhiy; Maistrenkko, Yuri
2013Spectrum and amplitude equations for scalar delay-differential equations with large delayYanchuk, Serhiy; Lücken, Leonhard; Wolfrum, Matthias; Mielke, Alexander
2017Stability of spiral chimera states on a torusOmelchenko, Oleh E.; Wolfrum, Matthias; Knobloch, Edgar
2012Stationary patterns of coherence and incoherence in two-dimensional arrays of non-locally coupled phase oscillatorsOmel'chenko, Oleh; Wolfrum, Matthias; Yanchuk, Serhiy; Maistrenko, Yuri; Sudakov, Oleksandr
2017Surfing the edge: Finding nonlinear solutions using feedback controlWillis, Ashley P.; Duguet, Yohann; Omelchenko, Oleh E.; Wolfrum, Matthias
2019Temporal dissipative solitons in time-delay feedback systemsYanchuk, Serhiy; Ruschel, Stefan; Sieber, Jan; Wolfrum, Matthias
2009The spectrum of delay differential equations with large delayLichtner, Mark; Wolfrum, Matthias; Yanchuk, Serhiy
2012The Turing bifurcation in network systems : collective patterns and single differentiated nodesWolfrum, Matthias