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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Calibration of Raman lidar water vapor profiles by means of AERONET photometer observations and GDAS meteorological dataDai, Guangyao; Althausen, Dietrich; Hofer, Julian; Engelmann, Ronny; Seifert, Patric; Bühl, Johannes; Mamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet; Wu, Songhua; Ansmann, Albert
2014Dual-FOV Raman and Doppler lidar studies of aerosol-cloud interactions: Simultaneous profiling of aerosols, warm-cloud properties, and vertical windSchmidt, Jörg; Ansmann, Albert; Bühl, Johannes; Baars, Holger; Wandinger, Ulla; Müller, Detlef; Malinka, Aleksey V.
2016Measuring ice- and liquid-water properties in mixed-phase cloud layers at the Leipzig Cloudnet stationBühl, Johannes; Seifert, Patric; Myagkov, Alexander; Ansmann, Albert
2016Observation of Arabian and Saharan dust in Cyprus with a new generation of the smart Raman lidar PollyEngelmann, Ronny; Ansmann, Albert; Bühl, Johannes; Heese, Birgit; Baars, Holger; Althausen, Dietrich; Marinou, Eleni; Amiridis, Vassilis; Mamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet; Vrekoussis, Mihalis
2016Relationship between temperature and apparent shape of pristine ice crystals derived from polarimetric cloud radar observations during the ACCEPT campaignMyagkov, Alexander; Seifert, Patric; Wandinger, Ulla; Bühl, Johannes; Engelmann, Ronny
2014Seasonal variability of heterogeneous ice formation in stratiform clouds over the Amazon BasinSeifert, Patric; Kunz, Clara; Baars, Holger; Ansmann, Albert; Bühl, Johannes; Senf, Fabian; Engelmann, Ronny; Althausen, Dietrich; Artaxo, Paulo