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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Discharge during detachment of micro-structured PDMS sheds light on the role of electrostatics in adhesionBrörmann, Katrin; Burger, Karin; Jagota, Anand; Bennewitz, Roland
2015Dynamic effects in friction and adhesion through cooperative rupture and formation of supramolecular bondsBlass, Johanna; Albrecht, Marcel; Bozna, Bianca L.; Wenz, Gerhard; Bennewitz, Roland
2014Force microscopy of layering and friction in an ionic liquidHoth, Judith; Hausen, Florian; Müser, Martin H.; Bennewitz, Roland
2018Friction force microscopy of tribochemistry and interfacial ageing for the SiOx/Si/Au systemPetzhold, Chritinane; Koch, Marcus; Bennewitz, Roland
2015Friction mediated by redox-active supramolecular connector moleculesBozna, Bianca L.; Blass, Johanna; Albrecht, Marcel; Hausen, Florian; Wenz, Gerhard; Bennewitz, Roland
2017Importance of surface oxide for the tribology of a Zr-based metallic glassKang, S. J.; Rittig, Kai Thomas; Kwan, S. G.; Park, H. W.; Bennewitz, Roland; Caron, Arnaud
2017Interactions between shape-persistent macromolecules as probed by AFMBlas, Johannes; Brunke, Jessica; Emmerich, Franziska; Cédric, Przybylski; Garamus, Vasil M.; Feoktystov, Artem; Bennewitz, Roland; Wenz, Gerhard; Albrecht, Marcel
2009Kelvin probe force microscopy of charged indentation-induced dislocation structures in KBrEgberts, Philip; Bennewitz, Roland
2015Lower nanometer-scale size limit for the deformation of a metallic glass by shear transformations revealed by quantitative AFM indentationCaron, Arnaud; Bennewitz, Roland
2012Quantitative multichannel NC-AFM data analysis of graphene growth on SiC(0001)Held, Christian; Seyller, Thomas; Bennewitz, Roland
2020Role of Hair Coverage and Sweating for Textile Friction on the ForearmLyu, Jingchun; Özgün, Novaf; Kondziela, David J.; Bennewitz, Roland
2015Surface softening in metal-ceramic sliding contacts: An experimental and numerical investigationStoyanov, Pantcho; Merz, Rolf; Romero, Pedro A.; Wählisch, Felix C.; Torrents Abad, Oscar; Gralla, Robert; Stemmer, Priska; Kopnarski, Michael; Moseler, Michael; Bennewitz, Roland; Dienwiebel, Martin
2014Surviving the surf: The tribomechanical properties of the periostracum of Mytilus spWählisch, Felix C.; Peter, Nicolas J.; Torrents Abad, Oscar; Oliveira, Mariana V. G.; Schneider, Andreas S.; Schmahl, Wolfgang; Griesshaber, Erika; Bennewitz, Roland
2015Switching adhesion and friction by light using photosensitive guest - host interactionsBlass, Johanna; Bozna, Bianca; Albrecht, Marcel; Krings, Jennifer A.; Ravoo, Bart Jan; Wenz, Gerhard; Bennewitz, Roland
2020Tactile perception of randomly rough surfacesSahli, Riad; Prot, Aubin; Wang, Anle; Müser, Martin H.; Piovarči, Michal; Didyk, Piotr; Bennewitz, Roland
2010The role of the backing layer in the mechanical properties of micrometer-scale fibrillar structuresGuidoni, Griselda; Schillo, Dominik; Hangen, Ude; Castellanos, Graciela; Arzt, Eduard; McMeeking, Robert; Bennewitz, Roland
2012TIGeR - Tribologische Innovation mit Graphenen: Ansätze zur extremen Reibminderung : Abschlussbericht des BMBF Vorhabens ; Laufzeit des Vorhabens 01.08.2010 - 31.07.2012 ; ... wissenschaftliches Vorprojekt im WING - ProgrammBennewitz, Roland