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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Accelerated rogue solitons triggered by background radiationDemircan, Ayhan; Amiranashvili, Shalva; Brée, Carsten; Morgner, Uwe; Steinmeyer, Günter
2014Adjustable pulse compression scheme for generation of few-cycle pulses in the mid-infraredDemircan, Ayhan; Amiranashvili, Shalva; Brée, Carsten; Morgner, Uwe; Steinmeyer, Günter
2017Cancellation of Raman self-frequency shift for compression of optical pulsesPickartz, Sabrina; Brée, Carsten; Bandelow, Uwe; Amiranashvili, Shalva
2010Cascaded self-compression of femtosecond pulses in filamentsBrée, Carsten; Bethge, Jens; Skupin, Stefan; Demircan, Ayhan; Steinmeyer, Günter
2018Chirped photonic crystal for spatially filtered optical feedback to a broad-area laserBrée, Carsten; Gailevicius, Darius; Purlys, Vytautas; Werner, Guillermo Garre; Staliunas, Kestutis; Rathsfeld, Andreas; Schmidt, Gunther; Radziunas, Mindaugas
2018Efficient coupling of electro-optical and heat-transport models for broad-area semiconductor lasersRadziunas, Mindaugas; Fuhrmann, Jürgen; Zeghuzi, Anissa; Wünsche, Hans-Jürgen; Koprucki, Thomas; Brée, Carsten; Wenzel, Hans; Bandelow, Uwe
2014Femtosecond filamentation by intensity clamping at a Freeman resonanceHofmann, Michael; Brée, Carsten
2011Filamentary pulse self-compression : the impact of the cell windowsBrée, Carsten; Demircan, Ayhan; Bethge, Jens; Nibbering, Erik T. J.; Skupin, Stefan; Bergé, Luc; Steinmeyer, Günter
2014Impact of spatial inhomogeneities on on-axis pulse reconstruction in femtosecond filamentsBrée, Carsten; Kretschmar, Martin; Nagy, Tamas; Kurz, Heiko G.; Morgner, Uwe; Kovačev, Milutin
2011Kramers-Kronig relations and high order nonlinear susceptibilitiesBrée, Carsten; Demircan, Ayhan; Steinmeyer, Günter
2008Method for computing the nonlinear refractive index via Keldysh theoryBrée, Carsten; Demircan, Ayhan; Steinmeyer, Günter
2010Modulation instability in filamentary self-compressionBrée, Carsten; Demircan, Ayhan; Steinmeyer, Günter
2014Non-instantaneous polarization dynamics in dielectric mediaHofmann, Michael; Hyyti, Janne; Birkholz, Simon; Bock, Martin; Das, Susanta K.; Grunwald, Rüdiger; Hoffmann, Mathias; Nagy, Tamas; Demircan, Ayhan; Jupé, Marco; Ristau, Detlev; Morgner, Uwe; Brée, Carsten; Woerner, Michael; Elsaesser, Thomas; Steinmeyer, Günter
2016Ocean rogue waves and their phase space dynamics in the limit of a linear interference modelBirkholz, Simon; Brée, Carsten; Veselic, Ivan; Demircan, Ayhan; Steinmeyer, Günter
2009Plasma induced pulse breaking in filamentary self-compressionBrée, Carsten; Demircan, Ayhan; Skupin, Stefan; Berg´e, Luc; Steinmeyer, Günter
2017Regularizing aperiodic cycles of resonant radiation in filament light bulletsBrée, Carsten; Babushkin, Ihar; Morgner, Uwe; Demircan, Ayhan
2013Rogue wave formation by accelerated solitons at an optical event horizonDemircan, Ayhan; Amiranashvili, Shalva; Brée, Carsten; Mahnke, Christoph; Mitschke, Fedor; Steinmeyer, Günter
2010Saturation of the all-optical Kerr effectBrée, Carsten; Demircan, Ayhan; Steinmeyer, Günter
2013Saturation of the all-optical Kerr effect in solidsBorchers, Bastian; Brée, Carsten; Birkholz, Simon; Demircan, Ayhan
2010Self-compression of 120 fs pulses in a white-light filamentBethge, Jens; Steinmeyer, Günter; Stibenz, Gero; Staudt, Peter; Brée, Carsten; Demircan, Ayhan; Redlin, Harald; Düsterer, Stefan