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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A numerical investigation of velocity-pressure reduced order models for incompressible flowsCaiazzo, Alfonso; Iliescu, Traian; John, Volker; Schyschlowa, Swetlana
2015A reduced-order modeling for efficient design study of artificial valve in enlarged ventricular outflow tractsCaiazzo, Alfonso; Guibert, Romain; Vignon-Clementel, Irene E.
2014A Stokes-consistent backflow stabilization for physiological flowsBertoglio, Cristobal; Caiazzo, Alfonso
2013A tangential regularization method for backflow stabilization in hemodynamicsBertoglio, Cristóbal; Caiazzo, Alfonso
2011An assessment of discretizations for convection-dominated convection-diffusion equationsAugustin, Matthias; Caiazzo, Alfonso; Fiebach, André; Fuhrmann, Jürgen; John, Volker; Linke, Alexander; Umla, Rudolf
2018Analysis of a stabilized penalty-free Nitsche method for the Brinkman, Stokes, and Darcy problemsBlank, Laura; Caiazzo, Alfonso; Chouly, Franz; Lozinski, Alexei; Mura, Joaquin
2016Assessment of reduced order Kalman filter for parameter identification in one-dimensional blood flow models using experimental dataCaiazzo, Alfonso; Caforio, Federica; Montecinos, Gino; Müller, Lucas O.; Blanco, Pablo J.; Toro, Eleutero F.
2017Benchmark problems for numerical treatment of backflow at open boundariesBertoglio, Cristóbal; Bazilevs, Yuri; Caiazzo, Alfonso; Braack, Malte; Esmaily-Moghadam, Mahdi; Gravemeier, Volker; Marsden, Alison L.; Pironneau, Olivier; Vignon-Clementel, Irene E.
2013Computational haemodynamics in stenotic internal jugular veinsCaiazzo, Alfonso; Montecinos, Gino; Müller, Lucas O.; Toro, Eleuterio F.; Haacke, E. Mark
2014Efficient blood flow simulations for the design of stented valve reducer in enlarged ventricular outflow tractsCaiazzo, Alfonso; Guibert, Romain; Boudjemline, Younes; Vignon-Clementel, Irene E.
2014Multiscale modeling of palisade formation in gliobastoma multiformeCaiazzo, Alfonso; Ramis-Conde, Ignacio
2018Multiscale modeling of vascularized tissues via non-matching immersed methodsHeltai, Luca; Caiazzo, Alfonso
2013Multiscale modeling of weakly compressible elastic materials in harmonic regime and applications to microscale structure estimationCaiazzo, Alfonso; Mura, Joaquín
2013On iterative subdomain methods for the Stokes-Darcy problemCaiazzo, Alfonso; John, Volker; Wilbrandt, Ulrich
2016ParMooN - a modernized program package based on mapped finite elementsWilbrandt, Ulrich; Bartsch, Clemens; Ahmed, Naveed; Alia, Najib; Anker, Felix; Blank, Laura; Caiazzo, Alfonso; Ganesa, Sashikumaar; Giere, Swetlana; Matthies, Gunar; Meesala, Raviteja; Shamim, Abdus; Venkatesan, Jagannath; John, Volker
2018Reduced-order unscented Kalman filter in the frequency domain: Application to computational hemodynamicsMüller, Lucas O.; Caiazzo, Alfonso; Blanco, Pablo J.