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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A class of unstable free boundary problemsDipierro, Serena; Karakhanyan, Aram; Valdinoci, Enrico
2015A density property for fractional weighted Sobolev spacesDipierro, Serena; Valdinoci, Enrico
2016A logistic equation with nonlocal interactionsCaffarelli, Luis; Dipierro, Serena; Outrata, Jir̆í
2016A nonlinear free boundary problem with a self-driven Bernoulli conditionDipierro, Serena; Karakhanyan, Aram; Valdinoci, Enrico
2014A nonlocal free boundary problemDipierro, Serena; Savin, Ovidiu; Valdinoci, Enrico
2014All functions are locally s-harmonic up to a small errorDipierro, Serena; Savin, Ovidiu; Valdinoci, Enrico
2016Asymptotic expansions of the contact angle in nonlocal capillarity problemsDipierro, Serena; Maggi, Francesco; Valdinoci, Enrico
2014Bifurcation results for a fractional elliptic equation with critical exponent in RnDipierro, Serena; Medina, Maria; Peral, Ireneo; Valdinoci, Enrico
2015Chaotic orbits for systems of nonlocal equationsDipierro, Serena; Patrizi, Stefania; Valdinoci, Enrico
2014Concentration phenomena for the nonlocal Schrödinger equation with Dirichlet datumDávila, Juan; del Pino, Manuael; Dipierro, Serena; Valdinoci, Enrico
2015Continuity and density results for a one-phase nonlocal free boundary problemDipierro, Serena; Valdinoci, Enrico
2016Definition of fractional Laplacian for functions with polynomial growthDipierro, Serena; Savin, Ovidiu; Valdinoci, Enrico
2013Dislocation dynamics in crystals: A macroscopic theory in a fractional Laplace settingDipierro, Serena; Palatucci, Giampiero; Valdinoci, Enrico
2015Fractional elliptic problems with critical growth in the whole of RnDipierro, Serena; Medina, María; Valdinoci, Enrico
2015Graph properties for nonlocal minimal surfacesDipierro, Serena; Savin, Ovidiu; Valdinoci, Enrico
2016Improvement of flatness for nonlocal phase transitionsDipierro, Serena; Serra, Joaquim; Valdinoci, Enrico
2016Local approximation of arbitrary functions by solutions of nonlocal equationsDipierro, Serena; Savin, Ovidiu; Valdinoci, Enrico
2015Nonlocal Delaunay surfacesDavila, Juan; Pino, Manuel del; Dipierro, Serena; Valdinoci, Enrico
2016Nonlocal minimal surfaces: Interior regularity, quantitative estimates and boundary stickinessDipierro, Serena; Valdinoci, Enrico
2016Nonlocal phase transitions in homogeneous and periodic media : in honor of Professor Paul Rabinowitz, with great esteem and admirationCozzi, Matteo; Dipierro, Serena; Valdinoci, Enrico