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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A model of an electrochemical flow cell with porous layerEhrhardt, Matthias; Fuhrmann, Jürgen; Linke, Alexander
2008A review of transparent and artificial boundary conditions techniques for linear and nonlinear Schrödinger equationsAntoine, Xavier; Arnold, Anton; Besse, Chritophe; Ehrhardt, Matthias; Schädle, Achim
2008A threestepped coordinated level set segmentation method for identifying atherosclerotic plaques on MR-imagesGloger, Oliver; Ehrhardt, Matthias; Dietrich, Thore; Hellwich, Olaf; Graf, Kristof; Nagel, Eike
2009Comparison of the continuous, semi-discrete and fully-discrete Transparent Boundary Conditions (TBC) for the parabolic wave equation 1. TheoryŠumichrast, L'ubomír; Ehrhardt, Matthias
2008Discrete transparent boundary conditions for the Schrödinger equation on circular domainsArnold, Anton; Ehrhardt, Matthias; Schulte, Maike; Sofronov, Ivan
2008Evaluation of exact boundary mappings for one-dimensional semiinfinite periodic arraysEhrhardt, Matthias; Sun, Jiguang; Zheng, Chunxiong
2008Exact artificial boundary conditions for problems with period structureEhrhardt, Matthias; Zheng, Chunxiong
2009Fast numerical methods for waves in periodic mediaEhrhardt, Matthias; Zheng, Chunxiong
2008Fast, stable and accurate method for the Black-Scholes equation of American optionsEhrhardt, Matthias; Mickens, Ronald E.
2008Fixed domain transformations and split-step finite difference schemes for nonlinear black-scholes equations for American optionsAnkudinova, Julia; Ehrhardt, Matthias
2009Implementing exact absorbing boundary condition for the linear one-dimensional Schrödinger problem with variable potential by Titchmarsh-Weyl theoryEhrhardt, Matthias; Zheng, Chunxiong
2008Mathematical modeling of channel-porous layer interfaces in PEM fuel cellsEhrhardt, Matthias; Fuhrmann, J.; Holzbecher, E.; Linke, A.
2008Nonlinear models in option pricing : an introductionEhrhardt, Matthias
2008Numerical simulation of quantum waveguidesArnold, Anton; Ehrhardt, Matthias; Schulte, Maike
2008Numerical simulation of waves in periodic structuresEhrhardt, Matthias; Han, Houde; Zheng, Chunxiong