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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A convergent adaptive stochastic Galerkin finite element method with quasi-optimal spatial meshesEigel, Martin; Gittelson, Claude Jeffrey; Schwab, Christoph; Zander, Elmar
2015A fully adaptive interpolated stochastic sampling method for random PDEsAnker, Felix; Bayer, Christian; Eigel, Martin; Neumann, Johannes; Schoenmakers, John
2018A hybrid FETI-DP method for non-smooth random partial differential equationsEigel, Martin; Gruhlke, Robert
2015A posteriori error control for stationary coupled bulk-surface equationsEigel, Martin; Müller, Rüdiger
2018Adaptive stochastic Galerkin FEM for lognormal coefficients in hierarchical tensor representationsEigel, Martin; Marschall, Manuel; Pfeffer, Max; Schneider, Reinhold
2015Adaptive stochastic Galerkin FEM with hierarchical tensor representationsEigel, Martin; Pfeffer, Max; Schneider, Reinhold
2015An adaptive multi level Monte-Carlo method with stochastic bounds for quantities of interest in groundwater flow with uncertain dataEigel, Martin; Merdon, Christian; Neumann, Johannes
2018An adaptive stochastic Galerkin tensor train discretization for randomly perturbed domainsEigel, Martin; Marschall, Manuel; Multerer, Michael
2016Bayesian inversion with a hierarchical tensor representationEigel, Martin; Marschall, Manuel; Schneider, Reinhold
2014Functional a posteriori error estimation for stationary reaction-convection-diffusion problemsEigel, Martin; Samrowski, Tatiana
2014Influence of cell shape, inhomogeneities and diffusion barriers in cell polarization modelsGiese, Wolfgang; Eigel, Martin; Westerheide, Sebastian; Engwer, Christian; Klipp, Edda
2014Local equilibration error estimators for guaranteed error control in adaptive stochastic higher-order Galerkin FEMEigel, Martin; Merdon, Christian
2017Non-intrusive tensor reconstruction for high dimensional random PDEsEigel, Martin; Neumann, Johannes; Schneider, Reinhold; Wolf, Sebastian
2016Reliable averaging for the primal variable in the Courant FEM and hierarchical error estimators on red-refined meshesCarstensen, Carsten; Eigel, Martin
2016Reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces and variable metric algorithms in PDE constrained shape optimisationEigel, Martin; Sturm, Kevin
2013Robust equilibration a posteriori error estimation for convection-diffusion-reaction problemsEigel, Martin; Merdon, Christian
2015SDE based regression for random PDEsAnker, Felix; Bayer, Christian; Eigel, Martin; Ladkau, Marcel; Neumann, Johannes; Schoenmakers, John G. M.
2013Simulation of composite materials by a Network FEM with error controlEigel, Martin; Peterseim, Daniel
2016Stochastic topology optimisation with hierarchical tensor reconstructionEigel, Martin; Neumann, Johannes; Schneider, Reinhold; Wolf, Sebastian
2018Variational Monte Carlo - Bridging concepts of machine learning and high dimensional partial differential equationsEigel, Martin; Trunschke, Philipp; Schneider, Reinhold; Wolf, Sebastian