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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A comparison of analytical cutting force modelsRott, Oliver; Hömberg, Dietmar; Mense, Carsten
2007A mathematical model for case hardening of steelFasano, Antonio; Hömberg, Dietmar; Panizzi, Lucia
2008A milling model with thermal effects including the dynamics of machine and work pieceRott, Oliver; Rasper, Patrick; Hömberg, Dietmar; Uhlmann, Eckart
2010A model for resistance welding including phase transitions and Joule heatingHömberg, Dietmar; Rocca, Elisabetta
2008A model for the austenite-ferrite phase transition in steel including misfit stressDreyer, Wolfgang; Hömberg, Dietmar; Petzold, Thomas
2016A revisited Johnson-Mehl-Avrami-Kolmogorov model and the evolution of grain-size distributions in steelHömberg, Dietmar; Patacchini, Francesco Saverio; Sakamoto, Kenichi; Zimmer, Johannes
2015A time domain sampling method for inverse acoustic scattering problemsGuo, Yukun; Hömberg, Dietmar; Hu, Guanghui; Li, Jingzhi; Liu, Hongyu
2018Additive manufacturing graded-material design based on phase-field and topology optimizationCarraturo, Massimo; Rocca, Elisabetta; Bonetti, Elena; Hömberg, Dietmar; Reali, Alessandro; Auricchio, Ferdinando
2013Analysis and simulation of multifrequency induction hardeningHömberg, Dietmar; Petzold, Thomas; Rocca, Elisabetta
2011Boundary coefficient control : a maximal parabolic regularity approachHömberg, Dietmar; Krumbiegel, Klaus; Rehberg, Joachim
2016Chance constraints in PDE constrained optimizationFarshbaf-Shaker, M. Hassan; Henrion, René; Hömberg, Dietmar
2011Development of a stability prediction tool for the identification of stable milling processesHömberg, Dietmar; Uhlmann, Eckart; Rott, Oliver; Rasper, Patrick
2016Discretisation and error analysis for a mathematical model of milling processesHömberg, Dietmar; Rott, Oliver; Sturm, Kevin
2006Exact controllability on a curve for a semilinear parabolic equationHömberg, Dietmar; Yamamoto, Masahiro
2011Identification of the thermal growth characteristics of coagulated tumor tissue in laser-induced thermotherapyHömberg, Dietmar; Liu, Jujun; Togobytska, Nataliya
2010Numerical cooling strategy design for hot rolled dual phase steelSuwanpinij, Piyada; Togobytska, Nataliya; Prahl, Ulrich; Weiss, Wolf; Hömberg, Dietmar; Bleck, Wolfgang
2008On a mathematical model for laser-induced thermotherapyFasano, Antonio; Hömberg, Dietmar; Naumov, Dmitri
2007On a thermomechanical model of phase transitions in steelChełminski, Krzysztof; Hömberg, Dietmar; Kern, Daniela
2008Optimal control for the thermistor problemHömberg, Dietmar; Meyer, Christian; Rehberg, Joachim; Ring, Wolfgang
2013Optimal control of a cooling line for production of hot rolled dual phase steelBleck, Wolfgang; Hömberg, Dietmar; Prahl, Ulrich; Suwanpinij, Piyada; Togobytska, Nataliya