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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Automated distinction of shearing and distortion artefacts in structured illumination microscopyFörster, Ronny; Müller, Walter; Richter, Renè; Heintzmann, Rainer
2019cellSTORM - Cost-effective Super-Resolution on a Cellphone using dSTORMDiederich, Benedict; Then, Patrick; Jügler, Alexander; Förster, Ronny; Heintzmann, Rainer
2018Ex vivo Hyperspectral Autofluorescence Imaging and Localization of Fluorophores in Human Eyes with Age-Related Macular DegenerationMohammed, Taariq; Tong, Yuehong; Agee, Julia; Challa, Nayanika; Heintzmann, Rainer; Hammer, Martin; Curcio , Christine A.; Ach, Thomas; Ablonczy, Zsolt; Smith, R. Theodore
2019Impact of deuteration on the ultrafast nonlinear optical response of toluene and nitrobenzeneKarras, Christian; Chemnitz, Mario; Heintzmann, Rainer; Schmidt, Markus A.
2016Motion artefact detection in structured illumination microscopy for live cell imagingFörster, Ronny; Wicker, Kai; Müller, Walter; Jost, Aurélie; Heintzmann, Rainer
2018Patterned illumination single molecule localization microscopy (piSMLM): user defined blinking regions of interest cellSTORM - Cost-effective Super-Resolution on a Cellphone using dSTORMChen, S.-Y.; Bestvater, F.; Heintzmann, Rainer; Cremer, Christoph
2019Thermal illumination limits in 3D Raman microscopy: A comparison of different sample illumination strategies to obtain maximum imaging speedHauswald, Walter; Förster, Ronny; Popp, Jürgen; Heintzmann, Rainer
2018Using machine-learning to optimize phase contrast in a low-cost cellphone microscopeDiederich, Benedict; Wartmann, Rolf; Schadwinkel, Harald; Heintzmann, Rainer
2019Video-rate multi-color structured illumination microscopy with simultaneous real-time reconstructionMarkwirth, A; Lachetta, Mario; Mönkemöller, V.; Heintzmann, Rainer; Hübner, Wolfgang; Huser, Thomas; Müller, Marcel