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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A gradient formula for linear chance constraints under Gaussian distributionHenrion, René; Möller, Andris
2017A joint model of probabilistic/robust constraints for gas transport management in stationary networksGrandón, Tatiana González; Heitsch, Holger; Henrion, René
2013A mixed-integer stochastic nonlinear optimization problem with joint probabilistic constraintsArnold, Thomas; Henrion, René; Möller, Andris; Vigerske, Stefan
2013A simple formula for the second-order subdifferential of maximum functionsEmich, Konstantin; Henrion, René
2009Analysis of M-stationary points to an EPEC modeling oligopolistic competition in an electricity spot marketHenrion, René; Outrata, Jií̌; Surowiec, Thomas
2016Chance constraints in PDE constrained optimizationFarshbaf-Shaker, M. Hassan; Henrion, René; Hömberg, Dietmar
2011Condition number and eccentricity of a closed convex coneHenrion, René; Seeger, Alberto
2013Conditioning of linear-quadratic two-stage stochastic optimization problemsEmich, Konstantin; Henrion, René; Römisch, Werner
2007Convexity of chance constraints with independent random variablesHenrion, René; Strugarek, Cyrille
2015Critical objective size and calmness modulus in linear programmingCánovas, Maria J.; Henrion, René; Parra, Juan; Toledo, F. Javier
2007Discrepancy distances and scenario reduction in two-stage stochastic integer programmingHenrion, René; Küchler, Christian; Römisch, Werner
2015Feasibility of nominations in stationary gas networks with random loadGotzes, Claudia; Heitsch, Holger; Henrion, René; Schultz, Rüdiger
2019Generalized gradients for probabilistic/robust (probust) constraintsAckooij, Wim van; Henrion, René; Pérez-Aros, Pedro
2013Gradient formulae for nonlinear probabilistic constraints with Gaussian and aussian-like distributionsvan Ackooij, Wim; Henrion, René
2010Inradius and circumradius of various convex cones arising in applicationsHenrion, René; Seeger, Alberto
2016Joint dynamic probabilistic constraints with projected linear decision rulesGuigues, Vincent; Henrion, René
2018Joint model of probabilistic-robust (probust) constraints with application to gas network optimizationAdelhütte, Dennis; Aßmann, Denis; Grandón, Tatiana González; Gugat, Martin; Heitsch, Holger; Henrion, René; Liers, Frauke; Nitsche, Sabrina; Schultz, Rüdiger; Stingl, Michael; Wintergerst, David
2006On calculating the normal cone to a finite union of convex polyhedraHenrion, René; Outrata, Jiří
2010On calmness conditions in convex bilevel programmingHenrion, René; Surowiec, Thomas
2016On M-stationarity conditions in MPECs and the associated qualification conditionsAdam, Lukáš; Henrion, René; Outrata, Jir̆í