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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A Bayesian approach to parameter identification in gas networksHajian, Soheil; Hintermüller, Michael; Schillings, Claudia; Strogies, Nikolai
2017A function space framework for structural total variation regularization with applications in inverse problemsHintermüller, Michael; Holler, Martin; Papafitsoros, Kostas
2016A goal-oriented dual-weighted adaptive finite element approach for the optimal control of a nonsmooth Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes systemHintermüller, Michael; Hinze, Michael; Kahle, Christian; Tobias, Keil
2017A PDE-constrained optimization approach for topology optimization of strained photonic devicesAdam, Lukáš; Hintermüller, Michael; Surowiec, Thomas M.
2018A physically oriented method for quantitative magnetic resonance imagingDong, Guozhi; Hintermüller, Michael; Papafitsoros, Kostas
2016A semismooth Newton method with analytical path-following for the H1-projection onto the Gibbs simplexAdam, Lukáš; Hintermüller, Michael; Surowiec, Thomas M.
2017Adaptive regularization for image reconstruction from subsampled dataHintermüller, Michael; Langer, Andreas; Rautenberg, Carlos N.; Wu, Tao
2016Analytical aspects of spatially adapted total variation regularisationHintermüller, Michael; Papafitsoros, Konstantinos; Rautenberg, Carlos N.
2016Density of convex intersections and applicationsHintermüller, Michael; Rautenberg, Carlos N.; Rösel, Simon
2018Directional differentiability for elliptic quasi-variational inequalities of obstacle typeAlphonse, Amal; Hintermüller, Michael; Rautenberg, Carlos N.
2017Dissipative and non-dissipative evolutionary quasi-variational inequalities with gradient constraintsHintermüller, Michael; Rautenberg, Carlos N.; Strogies, Nikolai
2017Duality results and regularization schemes for Prandtl-Reuss perfect plasticityHintermüller, Michael; Rösel, Simon
2017On the consistency of Runge-Kutta methods up to order three applied to the optimal control of scalar conservation lawsHintermüller, Michael; Strogies, Nikolai
2016On the uniqueness and numerical approximation of solutions to certain parabolic quasi-variational inequalitiesHintermüller, Michael; Rautenberg, Carlos N.
2016Optimal selection of the regularization function in a generalized total variation model. Part I: Modelling and theoryHintermüller, Michael; Rautenberg, Carlos N.
2016Optimal selection of the regularization function in a generalized total variation model. Part II: Algorithm, its analysis and numerical testsHintermüller, Michael; Rautenberg, Carlos N.; Wu, Tao; Langer, Andreas
2016Optimal sensor placement: A robust approachHintermüller, Michael; Rautenberg, Carlos N.; Mohammadi, Masoumeh; Kanitsar, Martin
2018Optimization of a multiphysics problem in semiconductor laser designAdam, Lukáš; Hintermüller, Michael; Peschka, Dirk; Surowiec, Thomas M.
2013Shape optimization for a sharp interface model of distortion compensationSturm, Kevin; Hintermüller, Michael; Hömberg, Dietmar
2017Total variation diminishing schemes in optimal control of scalar conservation lawsHajian, Soheil; Hintermüller, Michael; Ulbrich, Stefan