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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A time domain sampling method for inverse acoustic scattering problemsGuo, Yukun; Hömberg, Dietmar; Hu, Guanghui; Li, Jingzhi; Liu, Hongyu
2010An inverse electromagnetic scattering problem for a bi-periodic inhomogeneous layer on a perfectly conducting plateHu, Guanghui; Yang, Jiaqing; Zhang, Bo
2011An optimization method in inverse elastic scattering for one-dimensional grating profilesElschner, Johannes; Hu, Guanghui
2012Convergence analysis of the FEM coupled with Fourier-mode expansion for the electromagnetic scattering by biperiodic structuresHu, Guanghui; Rathsfeld, Andreas
2014Corners and edges always scatterElschner, Johannes; Hu, Guanghui
2013Direct and inverse acoustic scattering by a collection of extended and point-like scatterersHu, Guanghui; Mantile, Andreas; Sini, Mourad
2016Direct and inverse elastic scattering from anisotropic mediaBao, Gang; Hu, Guanghui; Yin, Tao; Sun, Jiguang
2012Direct and inverse elastic scattering problems for diffraction gratingsElschner, Johannes; Hu, Guanghui
2013Direct and inverse interaction problems with bi-periodic interfaces between acoustic and elastic wavesHu, Guanghui; Kirsch, Andreas
2012Elastic scattering by finitely many point-like obstaclesHu, Guanghui; Sini, Mourad
2012Elastic scattering by unbounded rough surfacesElschner, Johannes; Hu, Guanghui
2013Elastic scattering by unbounded rough surfaces : solvability in weighted Sobolev spacesElschner, Johannes; Hu, Guanghui
2016Elastic scattering coefficients and enhancement of nearly elastic cloakingAbbas, Tasawar; Ammari, Habib; Hu, Guanghui; Wahab, Abdul; Ye, Jong Chul
2014Finite element method to fluid-solid interaction problems with unbounded periodic interfacesHu, Guanghui; Rathsfeld, Andreas; Yin, Tao
2010Global uniqueness in determining polygonal periodic structures with a minimal number of incident plane wavesElschner, Johannes; Hu, Guanghui
2019Inverse elastic scattering from rigid scatterers with a single incoming wave : this paper is dedicated to the memory of Armin LechleiterElschner, Johannes; Hu, Guanghui
2010Inverse scattering of elastic waves by periodic structures : uniqueness under the third or fourth kind boundary conditionsElschner, Johannes; Hu, Guanghui
2010Inverse scattering of electromagnetic waves by multilayered structures : uniqueness in TM modeElschner, Johannes; Hu, Guanghui
2011Inverse wave scattering by unbounded obstacles : uniqueness for the two-dimensional Helmholtz equationHu, Guanghui
2012Multiple scattering of electromagnetic waves by a finite number of point-like obstaclesChalla, Durga Prasad; Hu, Guanghui; Sini, Mourad