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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysis of hydrological extremes at different hydro-climatic regimes under present and future conditionsPechlivanidis, I. G.; Arheimer, B.; Donnelly, C.; Hundecha, Y.; Huang, S.; Aich, V.; Samaniego, L.; Eisner, S.; Shi, P.
2016Brief Communication: An update of the article "modelling flood damages under climate change conditions-a case study for Germany"Fokko Hattermann, F.; Huang, S.; Burghoff, O.; Hoffmann, P.; Kundzewicz, Z.W.
2015Climate change impacts on hydrology and water resourcesHattermann, F.F.; Huang, S.; Koch, H.
2014Comparing impacts of climate change on streamflow in four large African river basinsAich, V.; Liersch, S.; Vetter, T.; Huang, S.; Tecklenburg, J.; Hoffmann, P.; Koch, H.; Fournet, S.; Krysanova, V.; Müller, E.N.; Hattermann, F.F.
2014Effects of Climate Change on the Hydrological Cycle in Central and Eastern EuropeStagl, J.; Mayr, E.; Koch, H.; Hattermann, F.F.; Huang, S.
2018Hydrological impacts of moderate and high-end climate change across European river basinsLobanova, A.; Liersch, S.; Nunes, J.P.; Didovets, I.; Stagl, J.; Huang, S.; Koch, H.; Rivas López, M.D.R.; Maule, C.F.; Hattermann, F.; Krysanova, V.
2015The impact of climate change and variability on the generation of electrical powerKoch, H.; Vögele, S.; Hattermann, F.F.; Huang, S.
2014Modelling flood damages under climate change conditions-a case study for GermanyHattermann, F.F.; Huang, S.; Burghoff, O.; Willems, W.; Österle, H.; Büchner, M.; Kundzewicz, Z.
2015Multi-model climate impact assessment and intercomparison for three large-scale river basins on three continentsVetter, T.; Huang, S.; Aich, V.; Yang, T.; Wang, X.; Krysanova, V.; Hattermann, F.