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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Analyticity for some operator functions from statistical quantum mechanics : dedicated to Günter AlbinusHoke, Kurt; Kaiser, Hans-Christoph; Rehberg, Joachim; Albinus, Günter
2009Direct computation of elliptic singularities across anisotropic, multi-material edgesHaller-Dintelmann, Robert; Kaiser, Hans-Christoph; Rehberg, Joachim
2012Eigensolutions of the Wigner-Eisenbud problem for a cylindrical nanowire within finite volume methodRacec, Paul N.; Schade, Stanley; Kaiser, Hans-Christoph
2006Electronic states in semiconductor nanostructures and upscaling to semi-classical modelsKoprucki, Thomas; Kaiser, Hans-Christoph; Fuhrmann, Jürgen
2000Modeling and simulation of strained quantum wells in semiconductorlasersBandelow, Uwe; Kaiser, Hans-Christoph; Koprucki, Thomas; Rehberg, Joachim
2007Monotonicity properties of the quantum mechanical particle densityKaiser, Hans-Christoph; Neidhardt, Hagen; Rehberg, Joachim
2010Optimal elliptic regularity at the crossing of a material interface and a Neumann boundary edgeKaiser, Hans-Christoph; Rehberg, Joachim
2010Optimal elliptic Sobolev regularity near three-dimensional, multi-material Neumann verticesHaller-Dintelmann, Robert; Höppner, Wolfgang; Kaiser, Hans-Christoph; Rehberg, Joachim; Ziegler, Günter M.
2014Optimal Sobolev regularity for linear second-order divergence elliptic operators occurring in real-world problemsDisser, Karoline; Kaiser, Hans-Christoph; Rehberg, Joachim