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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Rotating Spiral Micromotor for Noninvasive Zygote TransferSchwarz, Lukas; Karnaushenko, Dmitriy D.; Hebenstreit, Franziska; Naumann, Ronald; Schmidt, Oliver G.; Medina-Sánchez, Mariana
2015Biomimetic microelectronics for regenerative neuronal cuff implantsKarnaushenko, Daniil; Münzenrieder, Niko; Karnaushenko, Dmitriy D.; Koch, Britta; Meyer, Anne K.; Baunack, Stefan; Petti, Luisa; Tröster, Gerhard; Makarov, Denys; Schmidt, Oliver G.
2015Compact helical antenna for smart implant applicationsKarnaushenko, Dmitriy D.; Karnaushenko, Daniil; Makarov, Denys; Schmidt, Oliver G.
2016Entirely flexible on-site conditioned magnetic sensoricsMünzenrieder, Niko; Karnaushenko, Daniil; Petti, Luisa; Cantarella, Giuseppe; Vogt, Christian; Büthe, Lars; Karnaushenko, Dmitriy D.; Schmidt, Oliver G.; Makarov, Denys; Tröster, Gerhard
2014High-performance magnetic sensorics for printable and flexible electronicsKarnaushenko, Daniil; Makarov, Denys; Stöber, Max; Karnaushenko, Dmitriy D.; Baunack, Stefan; Schmidt, Oliver G.
2016Magnetic suspension array technology: Controlled synthesis and screening in microfluidic networksLin, Gungun; Karnaushenko, Dmitriy D.; Cañón Bermúdez, Gilbert Santiago; Schmidt, Oliver G.; Makarov, Denys
2015Self‐assembled on‐chip‐integrated giant magneto‐impedance sensoricsKarnaushenko, Daniil; Karnaushenko, Dmitriy D.; Makarov, Denys; Baunack, Stefan; Schäfer, Rudolf; Schmidt, Oliver G.
2020Stress‐Actuated Spiral Microelectrode for High‐Performance Lithium‐Ion MicrobatteriesTang, Hongmei; Karnaushenko, Dmitriy D.; Neu, Volker; Gabler, Felix; Wang, Sitao; Liu, Lixiang; Li, Yang; Wang, Jiawei; Zhu, Minshen; Schmidt, Oliver G.