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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A quasilinear differential inclusion for viscous and rate-independent damage systems in non-smooth domainsKnees, Dorothee; Rossi, Riccarda; Zanini, Chiara
2011A vanishing viscosity approach to a rate-independent damage modelKnees, Dorothee; Rossi, Riccarda; Zanini, Chiara
2009Analytical and numerical aspects of time-dependent models with internal variablesGruber, Peter; Knees, Dorothee; Nesenenko, Sergiy; Thomas, Marita
2011Computational aspects of quasi-static crack propagationKnees, Dorothee; Schröder, Andreas
2008Crack growth in polyconvex materialsKnees, Dorothee; Zanini, Chiara; Mielke, Alexander
2012Derivation of an effective damage model with evolving micro-structureHanke, Hauke; Knees, Dorothee
2006Energy release rate for cracks in finite-strain elasticityKnees, Dorothee; Mielke, Alexander
2011Global higher integrability of minimizers of variational problems with mixed boundary conditionsFiaschi, Alice; Knees, Dorothee; Reichelt, Sina
2009Global spatial regularity for a regularized elasto-plastic modelBumb, Andreas; Knees, Dorothee
2012Global spatial regularity for elasticity models with cracks, contact and other nonsmooth constraintsKnees, Dorothee; Schröder, Andreas
2009Global spatial regularity for time dependent elasto-plasticity and related problemsKnees, Dorothee
2013Homogenization of elliptic systems with non-periodic, state dependent coefficientsHanke, Hauke; Knees, Dorothee
2007On the inviscid limit of a model for crack propagationKnees, Dorothee; Mielke, Alexander; Zanini, Chiara
2006Regularity of elastic fields in compositesKnees, Dorothee; Sändig, Anna-Margarete
2007Regularity up to the boundary for nonlinear elliptic systems arising in time-incremental infinitesimal elastoplasticityKnees, Dorothee; Neff, Patrizio
2008Short note on global spatial regularity in elasto-plasticity with linear hardeningKnees, Dorothee