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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A correlative analysis of gold nanoparticles internalized by A549 cellsBöse, Katharina; Koch, Marcus; Cavelius, Christian; Kiemer, Alexandra K.; Kraegeloh, Annette
2010Differential cell reaction upon Toll-like receptor 4 and 9 activation in human alveolar and lung interstitial macrophagesKoch, Marcus; Hoppstädter, Jessica; Diesel, Britta; Zarbock, Robert; Breinig, Tanja; Monz, Dominik; Meyerhans, Andreas; Gortner, Ludwig; Lehr, Claus-Michael; Huwer, Hanno; Kiemer, Alexandra K.
2015Dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate copolymer-siRNA nanoparticles for silencing a therapeutically relevant gene in macrophagesJain, Ratnesh; Dandekar, Prajakta; Loretz, Brigitta; Koch, Marcus; Lehr, Claus-Michael
2019Distribution of SiO2 nanoparticles in 3D liver microtissuesFleddermann, Jana; Susewind, Julia; Peuschel, Henrike; Koch, Marcus; Tavernaro, Isabella; Kraegeloh, Annette
2015Enhanced uptake and siRNA-mediated knockdown of a biologically relevant gene using cyclodextrin polyrotaxaneDandekar, P.; Jain, R.; Keil, M.; Loretz, B.; Koch, Marcus; Wenz, G.; Lehr, Claus-Michael
2018Friction force microscopy of tribochemistry and interfacial ageing for the SiOx/Si/Au systemPetzhold, Chritinane; Koch, Marcus; Bennewitz, Roland
2017Light emission intensities of luminescent Y2O3:Eu and Gd2O3:Eu particles of various sizesAdam, Jens; Metzger, Wilhelm; Koch, Marcus; Rogin, Peter; Coenen, Toon; Atchison, Jennifer S.; König, Peter
2015Lipid droplets as a novel cargo of tunnelling nanotubes in endothelial cellsAstanina, Ksenia; Koch, Marcus; Jüngst, Christian; Zumbusch, Andreas; Kiemer, Alexandra K.
2020Myxobacteria-Derived Outer Membrane Vesicles: Potential Applicability Against Intracellular InfectionsGoes, Adriely; Lapuhs, Philipp; Kuhn, Thomas; Schulz, Eilien; Richter, Robert; Panter, Fabian; Dahlem, Charlotte; Koch, Marcus; Garcia, Ronald; Kiemer, Alexandra K.; Müller, Rolf; Fuhrmann, Gregor
2020Optical detection of di- and triphosphate anions with mixed monolayer-protected gold nanoparticles containing zinc(II)–dipicolylamine complexesReinke, Lena; Bartl, Julia; Koch, Marcus; Kubik, Stefan
2020Pre and post-treatments to improve weldability and mechanical properties of aluminum-polyamide laser welded specimensElahi, Mahdi Amne; Koch, Marcus; Heck, Mike; Plapper, Peter
2020Probiomimetics - Novel Lactobacillus‐Mimicking Microparticles Show Anti‐Inflammatory and Barrier‐Protecting Effects in Gastrointestinal ModelsKuhn, Thomas; Koch, Marcus; Fuhrmann, Gregor
2020Synthesis and Biopharmaceutical Characterization of Amphiphilic Squalenyl Derivative Based Versatile Drug Delivery PlatformHo, Duy-Khiet; Christmann, Rebekka; Murgia, Xabier; De Rossi, Chiara; Frisch, Sarah; Koch, Marcus; Schaefer, Ulrich F.; Loretz, Brigitta; Desmaele, Didier; Couvreur, Patrick; Lehr, Claus-Michael
2019Targeted T1 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Enhancement with Extraordinarily Small CoFe2O4 NanoparticlesPiché, Dominique; Tavernaro, Isabella; Fleddermann, Jana; Lozano, Juan G.; Varambhia, Aakash; Maguire, Mahon L.; Koch, Marcus; Ukai, Tomofumi; Hernández Rodríguez, Armando J.; Jones, Lewys; Dillon, Frank; Reyes Molina, Israel; Mitzutani, Mai; González Dalmau, Evelio R.; Maekawa, Toru; Nellist, Peter D.; Kraegeloh, Annette; Grobert, Nicole
2020Tofacitinib Loaded Squalenyl Nanoparticles for Targeted Follicular Delivery in Inflammatory Skin DiseasesChristmann, Rebekka; Ho, Duy-Khiet; Wilzopolski, Jenny; Lee, Sangeun; Koch, Marcus; Loretz, Brigitta; Vogt, Thomas; Bäumer, Wolfgang; Schaefer, Ulrich F.; Lehr, Claus-Michael