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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Coincident measurements of PMSE and NLC above ALOMAR (69° N, 16° E) by radar and lidar from 1999-2008Kaifler, N.; Baumgarten, G.; Fiedler, J.; Latteck, R.; Lübken, F.-J.; Rapp, M.
2013Determination of meteor-head echo trajectories using the interferometric capabilities of MAARSYSchult, C.; Stober, G.; Chau, J. L.; Latteck, R.
2019Enhancing the spatiotemporal features of polar mesosphere summer echoes using coherent MIMO and radar imaging at MAARSYUrco, J.M.; Chau, J.L.; Weber, T.; Latteck, R.
2009First in situ measurement of the vertical distribution of ice volume in a mesospheric ice cloud during the ECOMA/MASS rocket-campaignRapp, M.; Strelnikova, I.; Strelnikov, B.; Latteck, R.; Baumgarten, G.; Li, Q.; Megner, L.; Gumbel, J.; Friedrich, M.; Hoppe, U.-P.; Robertson, S.
2013The Geminid meteor shower during the ECOMA sounding rocket campaign: Specular and head echo radar observationsStober, G.; Schult, C.; Baumann, C.; Latteck, R.; Rapp, M.
2014Geometric considerations of polar mesospheric summer echoes in tilted beams using coherent radar imagingSommer, S.; Stober, G.; Chau, J. L.; Latteck, R.
2012Horizontally resolved structures of radar backscatter from polar mesospheric layersLatteck, R.; Singer, W.; Rapp, M.; Renkwitz, T.; Stober, G.
2006Inertia gravity waves in the upper troposphere during the MaCWAVE winter campaign - Part I: Observations with collocated radarsHoffmann, P.; Serafimovich, A.; Peters, D.; Dalin, P.; Goldberg, R.; Latteck, R.
2008Influence of tides and gravity waves on layering processes in the polar summer mesopause regionHoffmann, P.; Rapp, M.; Fiedler, J.; Latteck, R.
2013Investigation of horizontal structures at mesospheric altitudes using coherent radar imagingSommer, S.; Stober, G.; Schult, C.; Zecha, M.; Latteck, R.
2010MAARSY - the new MST radar on Andøya/NorwayLatteck, R.; Singer, W.; Rapp, M.; Renkwitz, T.
2012MAARSY-the new MST radar on Andøya: First results of spaced antenna and Doppler measurements of atmospheric winds in the troposphere and mesosphere using a partial arrayStober, G.; Latteck, R.; Rapp, M.; Singer, W.; Zecha, M.
2009Mass analysis of charged aerosol particles in NLC and PMSE during the ECOMA/MASS campaignRobertson, S.; Horányi, M.; Knappmiller, S.; Sternovsky, Z.; Holzworth, R.; Shimogawa, M.; Friedrich, M.; Torkar, K.; Gumbel, J.; Megner, L.; Baumgarten, G.; Latteck, R.; Rapp, M.; Hoppe, U.-P.; Hervig, M. E.
2011Multi beam observations of cosmic radio noise using a VHF radar with beam forming by a Butler matrixRenkwitz, T.; Singer, W.; Latteck, R.; Rapp, M.
2018Multi-static spatial and angular studies of polar mesospheric summer echoes combining MAARSY and KAIRAChau, J.L.; McKay, D.; Vierinen, J.P.; La Hoz, C.; Ulich, T.; Lehtinen, M.; Latteck, R.
2013New experiments to validate the radiation pattern of the Middle Atmosphere Alomar Radar System (MAARSY)Renkwitz, T.; Stober, G.; Latteck, R.; Singer, W.; Rapp, M.
2013Occurrence frequencies of polar mesosphere summer echoes observed at 69 N during a full solar cycleLatteck, R.; Bremer, J.
2006Rocket measurements of positive ions during polar mesosphere winter echo conditionsBrattli, A.; Blix, T. A.; Lie-Svendsen, Ø.; Hoppe, U.-P.; Lübken, F.-J.; Rapp, M.; Singer, W.; Latteck, R.; Friedrich, M.
2008Similarities and differences in polar mesosphere summer echoes observed in the Arctic and AntarcticaLatteck, R.; Singer, W.; Morris, R. J.; Hocking, W. K.; Murphy, D. J.; Holdsworth, D. A.; Swarnalingam, N.
2019Simultaneous in situ measurements of small-scale structures in neutral, plasma, and atomic oxygen densities during the WADIS sounding rocket projectStrelnikov, B.; Eberhart, M.; Friedrich, M.; Hedin, J.; Khaplanov, M.; Baumgarten, G.; Williams, B.P.; Staszak, T.; Asmus, H.; Strelnikova, I.; Latteck, R.; Grygalashvyly, M.; Lübken, F.-J.; Höffner, J.; Wörl, R.; Gumbel, J.; Löhle, S.; Fasoulas, S.; Rapp, M.; Barjatya, A.; Taylor, M.J.; Pautet, P.-D.