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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018City-level climate change mitigation in ChinaShan, Y.; Guan, D.; Hubacek, K.; Zheng, B.; Davis, S.J.; Jia, L.; Liu, J.; Liu, Z.; Fromer, N.; Mi, Z.; Meng, J.; Deng, X.; Li, Y.; Lin, J.; Schroeder, H.; Weisz, H.; Schellnhuber, H.J.
2018Copper/iron co-catalyzed alkoxycarbonylation of unactivated alkyl bromidesLi, Y.; Wu, X.-F.
2019Discovery of TaFeSb-based half-Heuslers with high thermoelectric performanceZhu, H.; Mao, J.; Li, Y.; Sun, J.; Wang, Y.; Zhu, Q.; Li, G.; Song, Q.; Zhou, J.; Fu, Y.; He, R.; Tong, T.; Liu, Z.; Ren, W.; You, L.; Wang, Z.; Luo, J.; Sotnikov, A.; Bao, J.; Nielsch, K.; Chen, G.; Singh, D.J.; Ren, Z.
2015A new color image encryption scheme using CML and a fractional-order chaotic systemWu, X.; Li, Y.; Kurths, J.
2016Potential and Actual impacts of deforestation and afforestation on land surface temperatureLi, Y.; Zhao, M.; Mildrexler, D.J.; Motesharrei, S.; Mu, Q.; Kalnay, E.; Zhao, F.; Li, S.; Wang, K.
2019Self-Assembled Flexible and Integratable 3D Microtubular Asymmetric SupercapacitorsLi, F.; Wang, J.; Liu, L.; Qu, J.; Li, Y.; Bandari, V.K.; Karnaushenko, D.; Becker, C.; Faghih, M.; Kang, T.; Baunack, S.; Zhu, M.; Zhu, F.; Schmidt, O.G.
2016The Switch in a Genetic Toggle System with Lévy NoiseXu, Y.; Li, Y.; Zhang, H.; Li, X.; Kurths, J.
2019Tailor-made nanostructures bridging chaos and order for highly efficient white organic light-emitting diodesLi, Y.; Kovačič, M.; Westphalen, J.; Oswald, S.; Ma, Z.; Hänisch, C.; Will, P.-A.; Jiang, L.; Junghaehnel, M.; Scholz, R.; Lenk, S.; Reineke, S.