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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20173D electrothermal simulations of organic LEDs showing negative differential resistanceLiero, Matthias; Fuhrmann, Jürgen; Glitzky, Annegret; Koprucki, Thomas; Fischer, Axel; Reineke, Sebastian
2010An evolutionary elastoplastic plate model derived via Gamma-convergenceLiero, Matthias; Mielke, Alexander
2015Analysis of p(x)-Laplace thermistor models describing the electrothermal behavior of organic semiconductor devicesGlitzky, Annegret; Liero, Matthias
2018Drift-diffusion modeling, analysis and simulation of organic semiconductor devicesDoan, Duy-Hai; Glitzky, Annegret; Liero, Matthias
2012Gradient structures and geodesic convexity for reaction-diffusion systemsLiero, Matthias; Mielke, Alexander
2015Homogenization of Cahn-Hilliard-type equations via evolutionary Gamma-convergenceLiero, Matthias; Reichelt, Sina
2017Hybrid finite-volume/finite-element schemes for p(x)-Laplace thermistor modelsFuhrmann, Jürgen; Glitzky, Annegret; Liero, Matthias
2013On gradient structures for Markov chains and the passage to Wasserstein gradient flowsDisser, Karoline; Liero, Matthias
2015On microscopic origins of generalized gradient structuresLiero, Matthias; Mielke, Alexander; Peletier, Mark A.; Renger, D. R. Michiel
2016On the evolutionary Gamma-convergence of gradient systems modeling slow and fast chemical reactionsDisser, Karoline; Liero, Matthias; Zinsl, Jonathan
2016Optimal Entropy-Transport problems and a new Hellinger-Kantorovich distance between positive measuresLiero, Matthias; Mielke, Alexander; Savaré, Giuseppe
2015Optimal transport in competition with reaction: The Hellinger-Kantorovich distance and geodesic curvesLiero, Matthias; Mielke, Alexander; Savaré, Giuseppe
2015p-Laplace thermistor modeling of electrothermal feedback in organic semiconductorsLiero, Matthias; Koprucki, Thomas; Fischer, Axel; Scholz, Reinhard; Glitzky, Annegret
2012Passing from bulk to bulk/surface evolution in the Allen-Cahn equationLiero, Matthias
2007Rate independent Kurzweil processesKrejčí, Pavel; Liero, Matthias
2011Rigorous derivation of a plate theory in linear elastoplasticity via [Gamma]-convergenceLiero, Matthias; Roche, Thomas
2016Systems describing electrothermal effects with p(x)-Laplacian like structure for discontinuous variable exponentsBulíc̆ek, Miroslav; Glitzky, Annegret; Liero, Matthias
2011The elliptic-regularization principle in Lagrangian mechanicsLiero, Matthias; Stefanelli, Ulisse
2017The weighted energy-dissipation principle and evolutionary [Gamma]-convergence for doubly nonlinear problemsLiero, Matthias; Melchionna, Stefano
2016Thermistor systems of p(x)-Laplace-type with discontinuous exponents via entropy solutionsBulicek, Miroslav; Glitzky, Annegret; Liero, Matthias