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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A tensile deformation model for in-situ dendrite/metallic glass matrix compositesQiao, J. W.; Zhang, T.; Yang, F. Q.; Liaw, P. K.; Pauly, S.; Xu, B. S.
2018Amorphous martensite in β-Ti alloysZhang, L.; Zhang, H.; Ren, X.; Eckert, J.; Wang, Y.; Zhu, Z.; Gemming, T.; Pauly, S.
2013Correlation between the microstructures and the deformation mechanisms of CuZr-based bulk metallic glass compositesSong, K. K.; Pauly, S.; Sun, B. A; Tan, J.; Stoica, M.; Kühn, U.; Eckert, J.
2019Glass-forming ability, phase formation and mechanical properties of glass-forming Cu-Hf-Zr alloysKosiba, K.; Song, K.; Kühn, U.; Wang, G.; Pauly, S.
2018In-situ tensile testing of ZrCu-based metallic glass compositesSun, H.C.; Ning, Z.L.; Wang, G.; Liang, W.Z.; Pauly, S.; Huang, Y.J.; Guo, S.; Xue, X.; Sun, J.F.
2017Inductive flash-annealing of bulk metallic glassesKosiba, K.; Pauly, S.
2015Materialien - Realisierung von Nano-Eigenschaften auf Makro-Ebene : Abschlussbericht zum Projekt MaReNaMaBickel, St.; Schwab, H.; Pauly, S.; Kühn, U.; Eckert, Jürgen
2020Mechanical performance and corrosion behaviour of Zr-based bulk metallic glass produced by selective laser meltingDeng, L.; Gebert, A.; Zhang, L.; Chen, H.Y.; Gu, D.D.; Kühn, U.; Zimmermann, M.; Kosiba, K.; Pauly, S.
2013Processing metallic glasses by selective laser meltingPauly, S.; Löber, L.; Petters, R.; Stoica, M.; Scudino, S.; Kühn, U.; Eckert, J.
2015Structural evolution in Ti-Cu-Ni metallic glasses during heatingGargarella, P.; Pauly, S.; Stoica, M.; Vaughan, G.; Afonso, C. R. M.; Kühn, U.; Eckert, J.
2016Two-phase quasi-equilibrium in β-type Ti-based bulk metallic glass compositesZhang, L.; Pauly, S.; Tang, M. Q.; Eckert, J.; Zhang, H. F.