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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Convergence of solutions of kinetic variational inequalities in the rate-independent quasi-static limitMielke, Alexander; Petrov, Adrien; Martins, João A. C.
2009Error estimates for space-time discretizations of a rate-independent variational inequalityMielke, Alexander; Paoli, Laetitia; Petrov, Adrien; Stefanelli, Ulisse
2011Existence result for a class of generalized standard materials with thermomechanical couplingPaoli, Laetitia; Petrov, Adrien
2011Global existence result for phase transformations with heat transfer in shape memory alloys : dedicated to 75th birthday of K. GrögerPaoli, Laetitia; Petrov, Adrien; Gröger, K.
2011Global existence result for thermoviscoelastic problems with hysteresis : dedicated to the memory of M. SchatzmanPaoli, Laetitia; Petrov, Adrien; Schatzman, M.
2007Mathematical results on existence for viscoelastodynamic problems with unilateral constraintsPetrov, Adrien; Schatzman, M.
2008On existence and approximation for a 3D model of thermally-induced phase transformations in shape-memory alloysMielke, Alexander; Paoli, Laetitia; Petrov, Adrien
2010On the numerical approximation of a viscoelastodynamic problem with unilateral constraintsPetrov, Adrien; Martins, J. A. C.
2007On the stability of elastic-plastic systems with hardeningMartins, João A. C.; Monteiro Marques, Manuel D. P.; Petrov, Adrien
2007Thermally driven phase transformation in shape-memory alloysMielke, Alexander; Petrov, Adrien
2011Thermodynamics of multiphase problems in viscoelasticityPaoli, Laetitia; Petrov, Adrien