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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A multi-mode delay differential equation model for lasers with optical feedbackRadziunas, Mindaugas
2011Amplifications of picosecond laser pulses in tapered semiconductor amplifiers : numerical simulations versus experimentsTronciu, Vasile; Schwertfeger, Sven; Radziunas, Mindaugas; Klehr, Andreas; Bandelow, Uwe; Wenzel, Hans
2013Beam shaping mechanism in spatially modulated edge emitting broad area semiconductor amplifiersRadziunas, Mindaugas; Botey, Muriel; Herrero, Ramon; Staliunas, Kestutis
2010Broadening of mode-locking pulses in quantum-dot semiconductor lasers : simulation, analysis and experimentsRadziunas, Mindaugas; Vladimirov, Andrei G.; Viktorov, Evgeny A.; Fiol, Gerrit; Schmeckebier, Holger; Bimberg, Dieter
2018Chirped photonic crystal for spatially filtered optical feedback to a broad-area laserBrée, Carsten; Gailevicius, Darius; Purlys, Vytautas; Werner, Guillermo Garre; Staliunas, Kestutis; Rathsfeld, Andreas; Schmidt, Gunther; Radziunas, Mindaugas
2012Compact high order finite difference schemes for linear Schrödinger problems on non-uniform meshesRadziunas, Mindaugas; Čiegis, Raimondas; Mirinavičius, Aleksas
2014Dynamics of micro-integrated external-cavity diode lasers: Simulations, analysis and experimentsRadziunas, Mindaugas; Tronciu, Vasile Z.; Luvsandamdin, Erdenetsetseg; Kürbis, Christian; Wicht, Andreas; Wenzel, Hans
2018Efficient coupling of electro-optical and heat-transport models for broad-area semiconductor lasersRadziunas, Mindaugas; Fuhrmann, Jürgen; Zeghuzi, Anissa; Wünsche, Hans-Jürgen; Koprucki, Thomas; Brée, Carsten; Wenzel, Hans; Bandelow, Uwe
2017Efficient coupling of inhomogeneous current spreading and dynamic electro-optical models for broad-area edge-emitting semiconductor devicesRadziunas, Mindaugas; Zeghuzi, Anissa; Fuhrmann, Jürgen; Koprucki, Thomas; Wünsche, Hans-Jürgen; Wenzel, Hans; Bandelow, Uwe
2006External cavity modes in Lang-Kobayashi and traveling wave modelsRadziunas, Mindaugas; Wünsche, Hans-Jürgen; Krauskopf, Bernd; Wolfrum, Matthias
2012Hybrid mode-locking in edge-emitting semiconductor lasers: Simulations, analysis and experimentsArkhipov, Rostislav; Pimenov, Alexander; Radziunas, Mindaugas; Vladimirov, Andrei G.; Arsenjevi´c, Dejan; Rachinskii, Dmitrii; Schmeckebier, Holger; Bimberg, Dieter
2006Improving the modulation bandwidth in semiconductor lasers by passive feedbackRadziunas, Mindaugas; Glitzky, Annegret; Bandelow, Uwe; Wolfrum, Matthias; Troppenz, Ute; Kreissl, Jochen; Rehbein, Wolfgang
2009Improving the stability of distributed-feedback tapered master-oscillator power-amplifiersTronciu, Vasile Z.; Lichtner, Mark; Radziunas, Mindaugas; Bandelow, U.; Wenzel, H.
2014Longitudinal modes of multisection ring and edge-emitting semiconductor lasersRadziunas, Mindaugas
2016Mathematical modeling and numerical simulations of diode lasers with micro-integrated external resonatorsRadziunas, Mindaugas
2010Mode transitions in DBR semiconductor lasers: experiments, mode analysis and simulationsRadziunas, Mindaugas; Hasler, Karl-Heinz; Sumpf, Bernd; Tien, Tran Quoc; Wenzel, Hans
2008Mode transitions in distributed-feedback tapered master-oscillator power-amplifierRadziunas, Mindaugas; Tronciu, Vasile Z.; Bandelow, Uwe; Lichtner, Mark; Spreemann, Martin; Wenzel, Hans
2016Modeling and efficient simulations of broad-area edge-emitting semiconductor lasers and amplifiersRadziunas, Mindaugas
2013Modeling and simulations of beam stabilization in edge-emitting broad area semiconductor devicesRadziunas, Mindaugas; Cˇ iegis, Raimondas
2018Modeling of current spreading in high-power broad-area lasers and its impact on the lateral far field divergenceZeghuzi, Anissa; Radziunas, Mindaugas; Wenzel, Hans; Wünsche, Hans-Jürgen; Bandelow, Uwe; Knigge, Andrea