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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007An inverse problem for fluid-solid interactionElschner, Johannes; Hsiao, George C.; Rathsfeld, Andreas
2008An optimisation method in inverse acoustic scattering by an elastic obstacleElschner, Johannes; Hsiao, George C.; Rathsfeld, Andreas
2018Chirped photonic crystal for spatially filtered optical feedback to a broad-area laserBrée, Carsten; Gailevicius, Darius; Purlys, Vytautas; Werner, Guillermo Garre; Staliunas, Kestutis; Rathsfeld, Andreas; Schmidt, Gunther; Radziunas, Mindaugas
2010Comparison of numerical methods for the reconstruction of elastic obstacles from the far-field data of scattered acoustic wavesElschner, Johannes; Hsiao, George C.; Rathsfeld, Andreas
2012Convergence analysis of the FEM coupled with Fourier-mode expansion for the electromagnetic scattering by biperiodic structuresHu, Guanghui; Rathsfeld, Andreas
2018Fast scatterometric measurement of periodic surface structures plasma-etching processesKlesse, Wolfgang Matthias; Rathsfeld, Andreas; Groß, Claudine; Malguth, Enno; Skibitzki, Oliver; Zealouk, Lahbib
2014Finite element method to fluid-solid interaction problems with unbounded periodic interfacesHu, Guanghui; Rathsfeld, Andreas; Yin, Tao
2006Mathematical modelling of indirect measurements in periodic diffractive optics and scatterometryGross, Hermann; Model, Regine; Bär, Markus; Wurm, Matthias; Bodermann, Bernd; Rathsfeld, Andreas
2012Modeling of line roughness and its impact on the diffraction intensities and the reconstructed critical dimensions in scatterometryGross, Hermann; Henn, Mark-Alexander; Heidenreich, Sebastian; Rathsfeld, Andreas; Bär, Markus
2006On a fast integral equation method for diffraction gratingsRathsfeld, Andreas; Schmidt, Gunther; Kleemann, Bernd
2009Profile reconstruction in EUV scatterometry: modeling and uncertainty estimatesGross, Hermann; Rathsfeld, Andreas; Scholze, Frank; Bär, Markus
2012Reflection of plane waves by rough surfaces in the sense of Born approximationArnold, Thomas; Rathsfeld, Andreas
2012Scattering of time harmonic electromagnetic plane waves by perfectly conducting diffraction gratingsHu, Guanghui; Rathsfeld, Andreas
2006Sensitivity analysis for indirect measurement in scatterometry and the reconstruction of periodic grating structuresGross, Hermann; Rathsfeld, Andreas
2011Shape derivatives for the scattering by biperiodic gratingsRathsfeld, Andreas