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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A criterion for a two-dimensional domain to be LipschitzianRehberg, Joachim
2008A Kohn-Sham system at zero temperatureCornean, Horia; Hoke, Kurt; Neidhardt, Hagen; Racec, Paul Nicolae; Rehberg, Joachim
2013A unified framework for parabolic equations with mixed boundary conditions and diffusion on interfacesDisser, Karoline; Meyries, Martin; Rehberg, Joachim
2008Analyticity for some operator functions from statistical quantum mechanics : dedicated to Günter AlbinusHoke, Kurt; Kaiser, Hans-Christoph; Rehberg, Joachim; Albinus, Günter
2011Blow-up versus boundedness in a nonlocal and nonlinear Fokker-Planck equationDreyer, Wolfgang; Huth, Robert; Mielke, Alexander; Rehberg, Joachim; Winkler, Michael
2011Boundary coefficient control : a maximal parabolic regularity approachHömberg, Dietmar; Krumbiegel, Klaus; Rehberg, Joachim
2006Classical solutions of drift-diffusion equations for semiconductor devices: the 2D caseKaiser, Hans-Christian; Neidhardt, Hagen; Rehberg, Joachim; Gajewski, Herbert; Gröger, Konrad; Zacharias, Klaus
2009Coercivity for elliptic operators and positivity of solutions on Lipschitz domainsHaller-Dintelmann, Robert; Rehberg, Joachim
2017Consistent operator semigroups and their interpolationElst, A. F. M. ter; Rehberg, Joachim
2009Direct computation of elliptic singularities across anisotropic, multi-material edgesHaller-Dintelmann, Robert; Kaiser, Hans-Christoph; Rehberg, Joachim
2014Hardys inequality for functions vanishing on a part of the boundaryEgert, Moritz; Haller-Dintelmann, Robert; Rehberg, Joachim
2008Hölder continuity for second order elliptic problems with nonsmooth dataHaller-Dintelmann, Robert; Meyer, Christian; Rehberg, Joachim
2015Hölder estimates for parabolic operators on domains with rough boundaryDisser, Karoline; Rehberg, Joachim; Elst, A. F. M. ter
2014Hölder estimates for second-order operators with mixed boundary conditionster Elst, A. F. M.; Rehberg, Joachim
2015Hölder-estimates for non-autonomous parabolic problems with rough dataMeinlschmidt, Hannes; Rehberg, Joachim
2011L ∞-estimates for divergence operators on bad domainsElst, A. F. M. ter; Rehberg, Joachim
2008Maximal parabolic regularity for divergence operators including mixed boundary conditionsHaller-Dintelmann, Robert; Rehberg, Joachim
2009Maximal parabolic regularity for divergence operators on distribution spacesHaller-Dintelmann, Robert; Rehberg, Joachim
2000Modeling and simulation of strained quantum wells in semiconductorlasersBandelow, Uwe; Kaiser, Hans-Christoph; Koprucki, Thomas; Rehberg, Joachim
2007Monotonicity properties of the quantum mechanical particle densityKaiser, Hans-Christoph; Neidhardt, Hagen; Rehberg, Joachim