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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011About the influence of elevation model quality and small-scale damage functions on flood damage estimationBoettle, M.; Kropp, J.P.; Reiber, L.; Roithmeier, O.; Rybski, D.; Walther, C.
2013Auerbach's legacyRybski, D.
2012Communication activity in a social network: Relation between long-term correlations and inter-event clusteringRybski, D.; Buldyrev, S.V.; Havlin, S.; Liljeros, F.; Makse, H.A.
2015Comparison of storm damage functions and their performancePrahl, B.F.; Rybski, D.; Burghoff, O.; Kropp, J.P.
2018Damage and protection cost curves for coastal floods within the 600 largest European citiesPrahl, B.F.; Boettle, M.; Costa, L.; Kropp, J.P.; Rybski, D.
2016Damage functions for climate-related hazards: Unification and uncertainty analysisPrahl, B.F.; Rybski, D.; Boettle, M.; Kropp, J.P.
2012How people interact in evolving online affiliation networksGallos, L.K.; Rybski, D.; Liljeros, F.; Havlin, S.; Makse, H.A.
2011A human development framework for CO 2 reductionsCosta, L.; Rybski, D.; Kropp, J.P.
2013Preface Sea hazardsPelinovsky, E.; Didenkulova, I.; Mendez, F.; Rybski, D.; Tinti, S.
2013Probing the Statistical Properties of Unknown Texts: Application to the Voynich ManuscriptAmancio, D.R.; Altmann, E.G.; Rybski, D.; Oliveira Jr., O.N.; da Costa, L.F.
2016Quantifying the effect of sea level rise and flood defence - A point process perspective on coastal flood damageBoettle, M.; Rybski, D.; Kropp, J.P.
2017The role of city size and urban form in the surface urban heat islandZhou, B.; Rybski, D.; Kropp, J.P.