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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A fast solution method for time dependent multidimensional Schrödinger equationsLanzara, Flavia; Mazya, Vladimir; Schmidt, Gunther
2013Analytical investigation of an integral equation method for electromagnetic scattering by biperiodic structuresBugert, Beatrice; Schmidt, Gunther
2015Approximation of solutions to multidimensional parabolic equations by approximate approximationsLanzara, Flavia; Mazya, Vladimir; Schmidt, Gunther
2004Benutzer-Handbuch DIPOG-1.4Schmidt, Gunther
2018Chirped photonic crystal for spatially filtered optical feedback to a broad-area laserBrée, Carsten; Gailevicius, Darius; Purlys, Vytautas; Werner, Guillermo Garre; Staliunas, Kestutis; Rathsfeld, Andreas; Schmidt, Gunther; Radziunas, Mindaugas
2011Conical diffraction by multilayer gratings : a recursive integral equations approachSchmidt, Gunther
2014Electromagnetic scattering by biperiodic multilayered gratings: A recursive integral equation approachBugert, Beatrice; Schmidt, Gunther
2013Fast cubature of volume potentials over rectangular domainsLanzara, Flavia; Maz' ya, Vladimir; Schmidt, Gunther
2008Integral equations for conical diffraction by coated gratingsSchmidt, Gunther
2009Integral methods for conical diffractionSchmidt, Gunther
2006On a fast integral equation method for diffraction gratingsRathsfeld, Andreas; Schmidt, Gunther; Kleemann, Bernd
2006Optimal regularity for elliptic transmission problems including C1 interfacesElschner, Johannes; Rehberg, Joachim; Schmidt, Gunther
2006Potentials of Gaussians and approximate waveletsMaz'ya, Vladimir; Schmidt, Gunther
2016Scattering of general incident beams by diffraction gratingsSchmidt, Gunther
2012Sensitivity analysis of 2D photonic band gaps of any rod shape and conductivity using a very fast conical integral equation methodGoray, Leonid; Schmidt, Gunther
2009Solving conical diffraction with integral equationsGoray, Leonid I.; Schmidt, Gunther
2009Tensor product approximations of high dimensional potentialsLanzara, Flavia; Mazʾya, Vladimir; Schmidt, Gunther