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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analytic model for the complex effective index of the leaky modes of tube-type anti-resonant hollow core fibersZeisberger, Matthias; Schmidt, Markus A.
2018Analytical mode normalization and resonant state expansion for optical fibers - an efficient tool to model transverse disorderUpendar, S.; Allayarov, I.; Schmidt, Markus A.; Weiss, Thomas
2019Approximate model for analyzing band structures of single-ring hollow-core anti-resonant fibersFatobene Ando, Ron; Hartung, Alexander; Jang, Bumjoon; Schmidt, Markus A.
2019Biomimetic light dilution using side-emitting optical fiber for enhancing the productivity of microalgae reactorsWondraczek, Lothar; Gründler, Alexander; Reupert, Aaron; Wondraczek, Katrin; Schmidt, Markus A.; Pohnert, Georg; Nolte, Stephan
2018Carbon chloride-core fibers for soliton mediated supercontinuum generationChemnitz, Mario; Gaida, Christian; Gebhardt, Martin; Stutzki, Fabian; Kobelke, Jens; Tünnermann, Andreas; Limpert, Jens; Schmidt, Markus A.
2018Electric current-driven spectral tunability of surface plasmon polaritons in gold coated tapered fibersLühder, Tilman; Wieduwilt, Torsten; Schneidewind, Henrik; Schmidt, Markus A.
2019Fluoride-Sulfophosphate/Silica Hybrid Fiber as a Platform for Optically Active MaterialsWang, Wei-Chao; Yang, Xu; Wieduwilt, Torsten; Schmidt, Markus A.; Zhang, Qin-Yuan; Wondraczek, Lothar
2017Giant faraday rotation through ultra-small Fe0n clusters in superparamagnetic FeO-SiO2 vitreous filmsNakatsuka, Yuko; Pollok, Kilian; Wieduwilt, Torsten; Langenhorst, Falko; Schmidt, Markus A.; Fujita, Koji; Murai, Shunsuke; Tanaka, Katsuhisa; Wondraczek, Lothar
2017Hybrid soliton dynamics in liquid-core fibresChemnitz, Mario; Gebhardt, Martin; Gaida, Christian; Stutzki, Fabian; Kobelke, Jens; Limpert, Jens; Tünnermann, Andreas; Schmidt, Markus A.
2016Identification of zero density of states domains in band gap fibers using a single binary functionLi, Guangrui; Schmidt, Markus A.
2019Impact of deuteration on the ultrafast nonlinear optical response of toluene and nitrobenzeneKarras, Christian; Chemnitz, Mario; Heintzmann, Rainer; Schmidt, Markus A.
2018Interfacing optical fibers with plasmonic nanoconcentratorsTuniz, Alessandro; Schmidt, Markus A.
2017Nanoboomerang-based inverse metasurfaces - a promising path towards ultrathin photonic devices for transmission operationZeisberger, Matthias; Schneidewind, Henrik; Hübner, Uwe; Popp, Jürgen; Schmidt, Markus A.
2018Nanotrimer enhanced optical fiber tips implemented by electron beam lithographyWang, Ning; Zeisberger, Matthias; Hübner, Uwe; Schmidt, Markus A.
2018Photonic candle – focusing light using nano-bore optical fibersSchneidewind, Henrik; Zeisberger, Matthias; Plidschun, Malte; Weidlich, Stefan; Schmidt, Markus A.
2016Single mode criterion - a benchmark figure to optimize the performance of nonlinear fibersChemnitz, Mario; Schmidt, Markus A.
2019Symmetry breaking-induced magnetic Fano resonances in densely packed arrays of symmetric nanotrimersWang, Ning; Zeisberger, Matthias; Hübner, Uwe; Giannini, Vincenzo; Schmidt, Markus A.
2018Thermodynamical control of soliton dynamics in liquid-core fibersChemnitz, Mario; Gaida, Christian; Gebhardt, Martin; Stutzki, Fabian; Kobelke, Jens; Tünnermann, Andreas; Limpert, Jens; Schmidt, Markus A.
2018Understanding Dispersion of Revolver-Type Anti-Resonant Hollow Core FibersZeisberger, Matthias; Hartung, Alexander; Schmidt, Markus A.
2018UV absorption spectroscopy in water-filled antiresonant hollow core fibers for pharmaceutical detectionNissen, Mona; Doherty, Brenda; Hamperl, J.; Kobelke, Jens; Weber, Karina; Henkel, Thomas; Schmidt, Markus A.