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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20123D numerical simulations of THz generation by two-color laser filamentsBergé, Luc; Skupin, Stefan; Köhler, Christian; Babushkin, Ihar; Herrmann, Joachim
2010Cascaded self-compression of femtosecond pulses in filamentsBrée, Carsten; Bethge, Jens; Skupin, Stefan; Demircan, Ayhan; Steinmeyer, Günter
2011Directionality of THz emission from photoinduced gas plasmasKöhler, Christian; Cabrera-Granado, Eduardo; Babushkin, Ihar; Bergé, Luc; Herrmann, Joachim; Skupin, Stefan
2011Filamentary pulse self-compression : the impact of the cell windowsBrée, Carsten; Demircan, Ayhan; Bethge, Jens; Nibbering, Erik T. J.; Skupin, Stefan; Bergé, Luc; Steinmeyer, Günter
2010Generation of terahertz radiation from ionizing two-color laser pulses in Ar filled metallic hollow waveguidesBabuškin, Ihar; Skupin, Stefan; Herrmann, Joachim
2009Plasma induced pulse breaking in filamentary self-compressionBrée, Carsten; Demircan, Ayhan; Skupin, Stefan; Berg´e, Luc; Steinmeyer, Günter
2008Self-pinching of pulsed laser beams in a plasma filamentBrée, Carsten; Demircan, Ayhanj; Skupin, Stefan; Bergé, Luc; Steinmeyer, Günter
2011Tailoring THz radiation by controlling tunnel photoionization events in gasesBabushkin, Ihar; Skupin, Stefan; Husakou, Anton; Köhler, Christian; Cabrera-Granado, Eduardo; Bergé, Luc; Herrmann, Joachimj
2010Ultrafast spatio-temporal dynamics of terahertz generation by ionizing two-color femtosecond pulses in gasesBabushkin, Ihar; Kuehn, Wihelm; Köhler, Christian; Skupin, Stefan; Bergé, Luc; Reimann, Klaus; Woerner, Michael; Herrmann, Joachim; Elsaesser, Thomas