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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Accurate localization of brain activity in presurgical fMRI by structure adaptive smoothingTabelow, Karsten; Polzehl, Jörg; Uluğ, Aziz M.; Dyke, Jonathan P.; Watts, Richard; Heier, Linda A.; Voss, Henning U.
2013Adaptive smoothing as inference strategy: More specificity for unequally sized or neighboring regionsWelvaert, Marijke; Tabelow, Karsten; Seurinck, Ruth; Rosseel, Yves
2006Adaptive smoothing of digital images : the R package adimproPolzehl, Jörg; Tabelow, Karsten
2013Adaptive smoothing of multi-shell diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance data by msPOASBecker, Saskia; Tabelow, Karsten; Mohammadi, Siawoosh; Weiskopf, Nikolaus; Polzehl, Jörg
2006Analysing fMRI experiments with the fmri package in R. version 1.0 : a user's guidePolzehl, Jörg; Tabelow, Karsten
2010Beyond the diffusion tensor model: the package dtiPolzehl, Jörg; Tabelow, Karsten
2016Consistency results and confidence intervals for adaptive l1-penalized estimators of the high-dimensional sparse precision matrixAvanesov, Valeriy; Polzehl, Jörg; Tabelow, Karsten
2007Diffusion tensor imaging : structural adaptive smoothingTabelow, Karsten; Polzehl, Jörg; Spokoiny, Vladimir; Voss, Henning U.
2008High resolution fMRI: overcoming the signal-to-noise problemTabelow, Karsten; Pi¨ech, Valentin; Polzehl, Jörg; Voss, Henning U.
2018hMRI - A toolbox for using quantitative MRI in neuroscience and clinical researchBalteau, Evelyne; Tabelow, Karsten; Ashburner, John; Callaghan, Martina F.; Draganski, Bogdan; Helms, Gunther; Kherif, Ferath; Leutritz, Tobias; Lutti, Antoine; Phillips, Christophe; Reimer, Enrico; Ruthotto, Lars; Seif, Maryam; Weiskopf, Nikolaus; Ziegler, Gabriel; Mohammad, Siawoosh
2010Image analysis and statistical inference in neuroimaging with RTabelow, Karsten; Clayden, Jon D.; Lafaye de Micheaux, Pierre; Polzehl, Jörg; Schmid, Volker J.; Whitcher, Brandon
2015Improving accuracy and temporal resolution of learning curve estimation for within- and across-session analysisDeliano, Matthias; Tabelow, Karsten; König, Reinhard; Polzehl, Jörg
2014Local estimation of the noise level in MRI using structural adaptationTabelow, Karsten; Voss, Henning U.; Polzehl, Jörg
2017Mathematical models as research data via flexiformal theory graphsKohlhase, Michael; Koprucki, Thomas; Müller, Dennis; Tabelow, Karsten
2016Mathematical models: A research data category?Koprucki, Thomas; Tabelow, Karsten
2017Model pathway diagrams for the representation of mathematical modelsKoprucki, Thomas; Kohlhase, Michael; Tabelow, Karsten; Müller, Dennis; Rabe, Florian
2015Modeling high resolution MRI: Statistical issues with low SNRPolzehl, Jörg; Tabelow, Karsten
2010Modeling the orientation distribution function by mixtures of angular central Gaussian distributionsTabelow, Karsten; Voss, Henning U.; Polzehl, Jörg
2015More specific signal detection in functional magnetic resonance imaging by false discovery rate control for hierarchically structured systems of hypothesesSchildknecht, Konstantin; Tabelow, Karsten; Dickhaus, Thorsten
2013POAS4SPM - A toolbox for SPM to denoise diffusion MRI dataTabelow, Karsten; Mohammadi, Siawoosh; Weiskopf, Nikolaus; Polzehl, Jörg