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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A comparison of delamination models: Modeling, properties, and applicationsThomas, Marita
2015A rate-independent gradient system in damage coupled with plasticity via structured strainsBonetti, Elena; Rocca, Elisabetta; Rossi, Riccarda; Thomas, Marita
2017Analysis and simulations for a phase-field fracture model at finite strains based on modified invariantsThomas, Marita; Bilgen, Carola; Weinberg, Kerstin
2009Analytical and numerical aspects of time-dependent models with internal variablesGruber, Peter; Knees, Dorothee; Nesenenko, Sergiy; Thomas, Marita
2016Cohesive zone-type delamination in visco-elasticity : to the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Tomaš RoubícekThomas, Marita; Zanini, Chiara
2015Coupling rate-independent and rate-dependent processes: Existence resultsRossi, Riccarda; Thomas, Marita
2009Damage of nonlinearly elastic materials at small strain : existence and regularity resultsThomas, Marita; Mielke, Alexander
2018Doping optimization for optoelectronic devicesPeschka, Dirk; Rotundo, Nella; Thomas, Marita
2016From adhesive to brittle delamination in visco-elastodynamicsRossi, Riccarda; Thomas, Marita
2012From an adhesive to a brittle delamination model in thermo-visco-elsticityRossi, Riccarda; Thomas, Marita
2010From damage to delamination in nonlinearly elastic materials at small strainsMielke, Alexander; Roubíček, Thomáš; Thomas, Marita
2017From nonlinear to linear elasticity in a coupled rate-dependent/independent system for brittle delaminationRossi, Riccarda; Thomas, Marita
2016Gradient structure for optoelectronic models of semiconductorsMielke, Alexander; Peschka, Dirk; Rotundo, Nella; Thomas, Marita
2018Gradient structures for flows of concentrated suspensionsPeschka, Dirk; Thomas, Marita; Ahnert, Tobias; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara
2017Numerical approach to a model for quasistatic damage with spatial BV-regularizationBartels, Sören; Milicevic, Marijo; Thomas, Marita
2011Quasistatic damage evolution with spatial BV-regularizationThomas, Marita
2014Rate-independent damage in thermo-viscoelastic materials with inertiaLazzaroni, Giuliano; Rossi, Riccarda; Thomas, Marita; Toader, Rodica
2015Some remarks on a model for rate-independent damage in thermo-visco-elastodynamicsLazzaroni, Giuliano; Rossi, Riccarda; Thomas, Marita; Toader, Rodica
2013Stress-driven local-solution approach to quasistatic brittle delaminationRoubíček, Tomáš; Thomas, Marita; Panagiotopoulos, Christos
2015Towards doping optimization of semiconductor lasersPeschka, Dirk; Rotundo, Nella; Thomas, Marita