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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A new approach for a slurry based coating system for the prevention of high-temperature oxidationAslan, Mesut; Wittmar, Matthias; Bolz, Henning; Veith, Michael
2011A novel precursor system and its application to produce tin doped indium oxideVeith, Michael; Bubel, Carsten; Zimmer, Michael
2020Acid‐Base Interactions of Pyrazine, Ethyl Acetate, Di‐alcohols, and Lysine with the cyclic Alumosiloxane (Ph2SiO)8[Al(O)OH]4 in View of Mimicking Al2O3(H2O) Surface ReactionsVeith, Michael; Kolano, David; Huch, Volker
2012Bi-phasic nanostructures for functional applicationsVeith, Michael; Lee, Juseok; Miro, Marina Martinez; Akkan, C. Kaan; Dufloux, Cecile; Aktas, O. Cenk
2007Corrosion inhibiting cerium compounds for chromium-free corrosion protective coatings on AA 2024Schem, Michael; Schmidt, Thomas; Caparrotti, Hinka; Wittmar, Matthias; Veith, Michael
2008Flexible organic photodiodes with transparent electrodes fabricated by wet chemical deposition methods : Projekt FLEX-OPTEC, Teilvorhaben: Entwicklung von Zinn-dotierten Indiumoxid(ITO)-Schichten mit nasschemischen Beschichtungsmethoden auf flexiblen Kunststoffsubstraten für organische Photodioden ; Schlussbericht zum BMBF-ProjektVeith, Michael
2013Gradients of Al/Al2O3 nanostructures for screening mesenchymal stem cell proliferation and differentiationVeith, Michael; Dufloux, Cécile; Ghaemi, Soraya Rasi; Cenk, Aktas; Voelcker, Nicolas H.
2010Kinetic investigations on TiO2 nanoparticles as photo initiators for UV-polymerization in acrylic matricesSchmitz-Stöwe, Sabine; Becker-Willinger, Carsten; Bentz, Dirk; Abt, Britta; Veith, Michael
2009Large area production of optical coatings and devices by the sol-gel processOliveira, Peter; Quilitz, Mario; Heusing, Sabine; Lin, Hechun; Veith, Michael
2008Mechanisms of bonding effected by nanoparticles in zirconia coatings applied by spraying of suspensionsAdam, Jens; Aslan, Mesut; Drumm, Robert; Veith, Michael
2011Micro-/nanostructured alumina as model surface to study topography effects on cell-surface interactionsAktas, Cenk; Martinez Miró, Martina; Lee, Juseok; Brück, Stefan; Veith, Michael
2007Microstructure investigation of reflective coatings interference multilayers produced by sol-gel methodJilavi, Mohammad H.; Sam, Ebru D.; Werner, Ulf; Oliveira, Peter W. de; Veith, Michael
2011Morphology controlled preparation of monodisperse TiO2 nanorods and nanoparticles for optical nanocompositesBentz, Dirk; Becker-Willinger, Carsten; Schmitz-Stöwe, Sabine; Veith, Michael
2011Novel single-source precursors for the fabrication of PbTiO3, PbZrO3 and Pb(Zr1-x Tix)O3 thin-films by chemical vapor depositionVeith, Michael; Bender, Michael; Lehnert, Tobias; Zimmer, Michael; Jakob, Anette
2008Preparation of acoustic lenses by mechano-chemical synthesis and electrophoretic deposition of lead zirconium titanate (PZT) filmsBender, Michael; Drumm, Robert; Adam, Jens; Jakob, Annette; Lemor, Robert; Veith, Michael
2010Single source precursors for piezoelectric and optical coatingsVeith, Michael; Bender, Michael; Bubel, Carsten; Aktas, Cenk
2009Transparent conductive oxides for coating applicationsQuilitz, Mario; Oliveira, Peter W. de; Heusing, Sabine; Veith, Michael
2011Tris(tetrahydrofuran-kO)tris[tris(thio-phen-2-yl)methanolato-kO]terbium(III)tetrahydrofuran monosolvateVeith, Michael; Belot, Celine; Huch, Volker
2009Verbundprojekt: Schnelle thermische Aushärtung von Klebstoffen über nanoskalige Energieabsorber - ThermoCure : AbschlussberichtVeith, Michael
2009Work on non photocatalytically active titania particlesMüller, Thomas S.; Faller-Schneider, Christine; Moh, Karsten; Shanmugasundaram, Sakthivel; Oliveira, Peter W. de; Veith, Michael