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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A phase-field model for solid-state dewetting and its sharp-interface limitDziwnik, Marion; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara
2017Anisotropic solid-liquid interface kinetics in silicon: An atomistically informed phase-field modelBergmann, Sibylle; Barragan-Yani, Daniel A.; Flegel, Elke; Albe, Karsten; Wagner, Barbara
2012Anisotropic surface energy formulations and their effect on stability of a growing thin filmKorzec, Maciek D.; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara
2014Anisotropy in wavelet based phase field modelsKorzec, Maciek; Münch, Andreas; Süli, Endre; Wagner, Barbara
2016Apparent slip for an upper convected Maxwell fluidMünch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara; Cook, L. Pamela; Braun, Richard R.
2010Asymptotics for the spectrum of a thin film equation in a singular limitKitavtsev, Georgy; Recke, Lutz; Wagner, Barbara
2010Center manifold reduction approach for the lubrication equationKitavtsev, Georgy; Recke, Lutz; Wagner, Barbara
2008Coarsening dynamics of slipping dropletsKitavtsev, Georgy; Wagner, Barbara
2013Controlled topological transitions in thin film phase separationHennessy, Mathew G.; Burlakov, Victor M.; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara; Goriely, Alain
2013Droplets on liquids and their long way into equilibriumBommer, Stefan; Jachalski, Sebastian; Peschka, Dirk; Seemann, Ralf; Wagner, Barbara
2010Dynamic formation of oriented patches in chondrocyte cell culturesGrote, Marcus; Palumberi, Viviana; Wagner, Barbara; Barbero, Andrea; Martin, Ivan
2013Equilibrium shapes of poly-crystalline silicon nanodotsKorzec, Maciek D.; Roczen, Maurizio; Schade, Martin; Wagner, Barbara; Rech, Bernd
2018Gradient structures for flows of concentrated suspensionsPeschka, Dirk; Thomas, Marita; Ahnert, Tobias; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara
2012Impact of interfacial slip on the stability of liquid two-layer polymer filmsJachalski, Sebastian; Peschka, Dirk; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara
2010Impact of slippage on the morphology and stability of a dewetting rimMünch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara
2013Influence of slip on the Rayleigh-Plateau rim instability in dewetting viscous filmsBäumchen, Oliver; Marquant, Ludovic; Blossey, Ralf; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara; Jacobs, Karin
2010Interface morphologies in liquid/liquid dewettingKostourou, Konstantina; Peschka, Dirk; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara; Herminghaus, Stephan; Seemann, Ralf
2007Linear stability analysis of ta sharp-interface model for dewetting thin filmsKing, John R.; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara
2016Liquid-liquid dewetting: Morphologies and ratesBommer, Stefan; Seemann, Ralf; Jachalski, Sebastian; Peschka, Dirk; Wagner, Barbara
2017Localized instabilities and spinodal decomposition in driven systems in the presence of elasticityMeca, Esteban; Münch, Andreas; Wagner, Barbara