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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Discovery of TaFeSb-based half-Heuslers with high thermoelectric performanceZhu, H.; Mao, J.; Li, Y.; Sun, J.; Wang, Y.; Zhu, Q.; Li, G.; Song, Q.; Zhou, J.; Fu, Y.; He, R.; Tong, T.; Liu, Z.; Ren, W.; You, L.; Wang, Z.; Luo, J.; Sotnikov, A.; Bao, J.; Nielsch, K.; Chen, G.; Singh, D.J.; Ren, Z.
2018Discovery of ZrCoBi based half Heuslers with high thermoelectric conversion efficiencyZhu, H.; He, R.; Mao, J.; Zhu, Q.; Li, C.; Sun, J.; Ren, W.; Wang, Y.; Liu, Z.; Tang, Z.; Sotnikov, A.; Wang, Z.; Broido, D.; Singh, D.J.; Chen, G.; Nielsch, K.; Ren, Z.
2013Generation of crystal-structure transverse patterns via a self-frequency-doubling laserYu, H.; Zhang, H.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Z.; Wang, J.; Petrov, V.
2011Measurements of gaseous H2SO4 by AP-ID-CIMS during CAREBeijing 2008 CampaignZheng, J.; Hu, M.; Zhang, R.; Yue, D.; Wang, Z.; Guo, S.; Li, X.; Bohn, B.; Shao, M.; He, L.; Huang, X.; Wiedensohler, A.; Zhu, T.
2017Onymity promotes cooperation in social dilemma experimentsWang, Z.; Jusup, M.; Wang, R.-W.; Shi, L.; Iwasa, Y.; Moreno, Y.; Kurths, J.
2013Optical orbital angular momentum conservation during the transfer process from plasmonic vortex lens to lightYu, H.; Zhang, H.; Wang, Y.; Han, S.; Yang, H.; Xu, X.; Wang, Z.; Petrov, V.; Wang, J.
2015Scanning supersaturation condensation particle counter applied as a nano-CCN counter for size-resolved analysis of the hygroscopicity and chemical composition of nanoparticlesWang, Z.; Su, H.; Wang, X.; Ma, N.; Wiedensohler, A.; Pöschl, U.; Cheng, Y.
2019Two types of magnetic shape-memory effects from twinned microstructure and magneto-structural coupling in Fe1 +yTeRößler, S.; Koz, C.; Wang, Z.; Skourski, Y.; Doerr, M.; Kasinathan, D.; Rosner, H.; Schmidt, M.; Schwarz, U.; Rößler, U.K.; Wirth, S.
2018Ultrahigh Power Factor in Thermoelectric System Nb0.95M0.05FeSb (M = Hf, Zr, and Ti)Ren, W.; Zhu, H.; Zhu, Q.; Saparamadu, U.; He, R.; Liu, Z.; Mao, J.; Wang, C.; Nielsch, K.; Wang, Z.; Ren, Z.