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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20163D Structure of Saharan Dust Transport Towards Europe as Seen by CALIPSOMarinou, Eleni; Amiridis, Vassilis; Tsekeri, Alexandra; Solomos, Stavros; Kokkalis, Panos; Proestakis, Emmanouil; Kottas, Michael; Binietoglou, Ioannis; Zanis, Prodromos; Kazadzis, Stelios; Wandinger, Ulla; Ansmann, Albert
2017A PDF Test-Set for Well-Formedness Validation in JHOVE - The Good, the Bad and the UglyLindlar, Michelle; Tunnat, Yvonne; Wilson, Carl
2016Accuracy of linear depolarisation ratios in clean air ranges measured with POLIS-6 at 355 and 532 NMFreudenthaler, Volker; Seefeldner, Meinhard; Groß, Silke; Wandinger, Ulla
2015Acquisition of audiovisual Scientific Technical Information from OSGeo by TIB Hannover: A work in progress reportLöwe, Peter; Plank, Margret; Marín-Arraiza, Paloma
2014Adapting flood preparedness tools to changing flood risk conditions: The situation in PolandKundzewicz, Z.W.
2018Advanced P2P architectures will set new standards for how we take care for scholarly works & interactionsHeller, Lambert
2016Aerosol properties over Southeastern China from multi-wavelength Raman and depolarization lidar measurementsHeese, Birgit; Althausen, Dietrich; Baars, Holger; Bohlmann, Stephanie; Deng, Ruru
2017Anforderungen an Open-Access-Publikation von Forschungsdaten - Empfehlungen für einen offenen Umgang mit ForschungsdatenBrehm, Elke; Neumann, Janna; Ziedorn, Frauke
2016Application of the Garrlic algorithm for the characterization of dust and marine particles utilizing the lidar-sunphotometer synergyTsekeri, Alexandra; Amiridis, Vassilis; Lopatin, Anton; Marinou, Eleni; Kokkalis, Panos; Solomos, Stavros; Engelmann, Ronny; Baars, Holger; Wandinger, Ulla; Ansmann, Albert; Schüttemeyer, Dirk; Dubovik, Oleg
2017“Are machines better than humans in image tagging?” - A user study adds to the puzzleEwerth, Ralph; Springstein, Matthias; Phan-Vogtmann, Lo An; Schütze, Juliane
2013BaFe2As2/Fe bilayers with [001]-tilt grain boundary on MgO and SrTiO3 bicrystal substratesIida, K.; Haindl, S.; Kurth, F.; Hänisch, J.; Schulz, L.; Holzapfel, B.
2014Bicrystalline grain boundary junctions of Co-doped and P-doped Ba-122 thin filmsSchmidt, S.; Döring, S.; Schmidl, F.; Kurth, F.; Iida, K.; Holzapfel, B.; Kawaguchi, T.; Mori, Y.; Ikuta, H.; Seidel, P.
2018Blockchain based educational certificates as a model for a P2P commons of scholarly metadata interactionHeller, Lambert
2014Building information modeling – A game changer for interoperability and a chance for digital preservation of architectural data?Lindlar, Michelle
2013Cathodoluminescence and TEM investigations of structural and optical properties of AlGaN on epitaxial laterally overgrown AlN/sapphire templatesZeimer, U.; Mogilatenko, A.; Kueller, V.; Knauer, A.; Weyers, M.
2016Central Asian Dust Experiment (CADEX): Multiwavelength polarization Raman lidar observations in TajikistanHofer, Julian; Althausen, Dietrich; Abdullaev, Sabur F.; Engelmann, Ronny; Baars, Holger
2013Characterization of L21 order in Co2FeSi thin films on GaAsJenichen, B.; Hentschel, T.; Herfort, J.; Kong, X.; Trampert, A.; Zizak, I.
2014Chirality selection in the vortex state of magnetic nanodisks with a screw dislocationButenko, A. B.; Rößler, U. K.
2009Classification and clustering: models, software and applicationsMucha, Hans-Joachim; Ritter, Gunter
2018Classifying data heterogeneity within budget and spending open dataMusyaffa, Fathoni A.; Orlandi, Fabrizio; Jabeen, Hajira; Vidal, Maria-Esther