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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20141D symmetry for semilinear pdes from the limit interface of the solutionFarina, Alberto; Valdinoci, Enrico
20112-Minimal subgroups in classical groups: Linear and unitary groupsParker, Chris; Rowley, Peter
20103D boundary recovery by constrained Delaunay tetrahedralizationSi, Hang; Gärtner, Klaus
20173D electrothermal simulations of organic LEDs showing negative differential resistanceLiero, Matthias; Fuhrmann, Jürgen; Glitzky, Annegret; Koprucki, Thomas; Fischer, Axel; Reineke, Sebastian
20123D numerical simulations of THz generation by two-color laser filamentsBergé, Luc; Skupin, Stefan; Köhler, Christian; Babushkin, Ihar; Herrmann, Joachim
20013D-Simulation von Halbleiterdetektoren : SchlussberichtGajewski, Herbert
201260-GHz-Multimode-Chip-Satz und Demonstrator (EASY-A/IHP) : SchlussberichtGrass, Eckhard; Tittelbach-Helmrich, Klaus; Petri, Markus; Ehrig, Marcus; Glisic, Srdjan; Elkhouly, Mohamed
2008A 3-Local characterization of Co2Parker, Christopher; Rowley, Peter
2007A 3-local identification of the alternating group of degree 8, the McLaughlin simple group and their automorphism groupsParker, Christopher; Rowley, Peter
2018A Bayesian approach to parameter identification in gas networksHajian, Soheil; Hintermüller, Michael; Schillings, Claudia; Strogies, Nikolai
2015A boundary control problem for the pure Cahn-Hilliard equation with dynamic boundary conditionsColli, Pierluigi; Gilardi, Gianni; Sprekels, Jürgen
2014A boundary control problem for the viscous Cahn-Hilliard equation with dynamic boundary conditionsColli, Pierluigi; Gilardi, Gianni; Sprekels, Jürgen
2011A categorical model for the virtual braid groupKauffman, Louis H.; Lambropoulou, Sofia
2012A central limit theorem for the effective conductance: I. Linear boundary data and small ellipticity contrastsBiskup, Marek; Salvi, Michele; Wolff, Tilman
2008A characterization of semisimple plane polynomial automorphismsMaubach, Stephan; Furter, Jean-Philippe
2006A class of minimum principles for characterizing the trajectories and the relaxation of dissipative systemsMielke, Alexander; Ortiz, Michael
2014A class of probabilistic models for the Schrödinger equationWagner, Wolfgang
2016A class of stochastic algorithms for the Wigner equationMuscato, Orazio; Wagner, Wolfgang
2016A class of unstable free boundary problemsDipierro, Serena; Karakhanyan, Aram; Valdinoci, Enrico
2015A comparative numerical study of meshing functionals for variational mesh adaptationHuang, Weizhang; Kamenski, Lennard; Russell, Robert D.