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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Characterization of L21 order in Co2FeSi thin films on GaAsJenichen, B.; Hentschel, T.; Herfort, J.; Kong, X.; Trampert, A.; Zizak, I.
2014Chirality selection in the vortex state of magnetic nanodisks with a screw dislocationButenko, A. B.; Rößler, U. K.
2009Classification and clustering: models, software and applicationsMucha, Hans-Joachim; Ritter, Gunter
2018Classifying data heterogeneity within budget and spending open dataMusyaffa, Fathoni A.; Orlandi, Fabrizio; Jabeen, Hajira; Vidal, Maria-Esther
2017Collaborative Working and Knowledge Sharing in the Enterprise Wiki: How Teams Develop Concepts Using SprintsStrobel, Sven
2012Combinatorial synthesis of (YxGd1-x)Ba2Cu3Ox superconducting thin filmsKirchner, A.; Erbe, M.; Freudenberg, T.; Hühne, R.; Feys, J.; Van Driessche, I.; Schultz, L.; Holzapfel, B.
2013A compact laboratory transmission X-ray microscope for the water windowLegall, H.; Stiel, H.; Blobel, G.; Seim, C.; Baumann, J.; Yulin, S.; Esser, D.; Hoefer, M.; Wiesemann, U.; Wirtz, M.; Schneider, G.; Rehbein, S.; Hertz, H.M.
2016Comparison of lossless video codecs for digital preservationFriedrichsen, Merle
2020-02-07Conference Identifiers : the story so far and how to proceedFranken, Julian; Strömert, Philip; Eckert, Kai; Benchekroun, Sami
2020-01-29ConfIDent: Enter the Feedback LoopStrömert, Philip
2016Consortial certification processes – The Goportis digital archive. A case studyFriese, Yvonne; Gerdes, Thomas; Schwab, Franziska; Bähr, Thomas
2016Continuous time series of water vapor profiles from a combination of Raman lidar and microwave radiometerFoth, Andreas; Baars, Holger; Di Girolamo, Paolo; Pospichal, Bernhard
2014Cryogenic time-domain multiplexer based on SQUID arrays and superconducting/normal conducting switchesBeev, N.; Kiviranta, M.; Van Der Kuur, J.; Bruijn, M.; Brandel, O.; Linzen, S.; Fritzsch, L.; Ahoranta, J.; Penttilä, J.; Roschier, L.
2011Crystallization of Fe82Si2B16 and Fe82Si4B14 metallic glasses upon isothermal and non-isothermal annealingShpak, A. P.; Il’inskii, A. G.; Marunyak, A. V.; Slukhovskyy, O. I.; Lepeeva, Yu. V.; Dekhtyar, A.; Kaban, I.; Mattern, N.; Eckert, J.
2017Das Buch - Analyse nach Fachgebietenen-Access-Monitoring zwischen Wunsch und WirklichkeitSchmeja, Stefan
2018Das FOSTER Open Science Training HandbuchBrinken, Helene; Hellert, Lambert
2014Data Science: History repeated? – The heritage of the Free and Open Source GIS communityLöwe, Peter; Neteler, Markus
2016Development of the fabrication process and characterization of piezoelectric BaTiO3/epoxy composite used for coated ultrasonic transducer patterns in structural health monitoringBareiro Ferreira, Oscar; Sridaran Venkat, Ramanan; Adam, Jens; Boller, Christian
2016Discovery and efficient reuse of technology pictures using Wikimedia infrastructures. A proposalHeller, Lambert; Blümel, Ina; Cartellieri, Simone; Wartena, Christian
2015Dislocation generation and propagation during flash lamp annealingKissinger, G.; Kot, D.; Schubert, M. A.; Sattler, A.