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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Tagungsbericht VIVO-Workshop 2017 - “Forschungsinformationen in der Praxis”Mersmann, Jana; Hauschke, Christian
2014Target-skyrmions and skyrmion clusters in nanowires of chiral magnetsLeonov, A. O.; Rößler, U. K.; Mostovoy, M.
2014Temperature-dependent electric noise level in different iron-based superconductorsBarone, C.; Pagano, S.; Bellingeri, E.; Ferdeghini, C.; Adamo, M.; Sarnelli, E.; Yokoyama, K.; Kurth, F.; Holzapfel, B; Iida, K.
2014The DURAARK project – Long-term preservation of architectural 3D-dataLindlar, Michelle; Saemann, Hedda
2018The Open Science training handbook: Written by 14 international experts during the FOSTER Book SprintBrinken, Helene; Mehlberg, Martin; Heller, Lambert
2015The PAC2MAN mission: A new tool to understand and predict solar energetic eventsAmaya, Jorge; Musset, Sophie; Andersson, Viktor; Diercke, Andrea; Höller, Christian; Iliev, Sergiu; Juhász, Lilla; Kiefer, René; Lasagni, Riccardo; Lejosne, Solène; Madi, Mohammad; Rummelhagen, Mirko; Scheucher, Markus; Sorba, Arianna; Thonhofer, Stefan
2016The ties that bind - On the impact of losing a consortium member in a cooperatively operated digital preservation systemLindlar, Michelle
2020-05-26Thesaurus, Terminologie, Ontologie - Mit heterogenen Quellen zum eigenen VokabularArndt, Susanne; Runnwerth, Mila
2020-02-05Three Rs for Re-Use in Digital PreservationLindlar, Michelle
2017TIB and East Asia Department at the TIBLu, Linna
2016TIB AV-Portal: A reliable infrastructure for scientific audiovisual mediaPlank, Margret
2017TIB-FIS-Discovery - VIVO at the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB)Hauschke, Christian; Barber, Martin; Walther, Tatiana
2017TIB-FIS-Discovery: VIVO an der TIBWalther, Tatiana
2016To OER or not to OER? A question for academic librariesStummeyer, Sabine
2017Towards OSGeo best practices for scientific software citation: Integration options for persistent identifiers in OSGeo project repositoriesLöwe, Peter Heinz; Neteler, Markus; Goebel, Jan; Tullney, Marco
2013Transition from ballistic to drift motion in high-field transport in GaAsBowlan, P.; Kuehn, W.; Reimann, K.; Woerner, M.; Elsaesser, T.; Hey, R.; Flytzanis, C.
2020Translating the Concept of Goal Setting into Practice: What ‘else’ Does It Require than a Goal Setting Tool?Kismihók, Gábor; Zhao, Catherine; Schippers, Michaéla; Mol, Stefan; Harrison, Scott; Shehata, Shady; Lane, H. Chad; Zvacek, Susan; Uhomoibhi, James
2009Transparent conductive oxides for coating applicationsQuilitz, Mario; Oliveira, Peter W. de; Heusing, Sabine; Veith, Michael
2016Ultrathin gold nanowires for transparent electronics: breaking barriersGonzalez-Garcia, Lola; Maurer, Johannes H. M.; Reiser, Beate; Kanelidis, Ioannis; Kraus, Tobias
2017Umsetzung des KDSF-Datenmodells in VIVOWalther, Tatiana; Hauschke, Christian