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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015M2 polarization enhances silica nanoparticle uptake by macrophagesHoppstädter, Jessica; Seif, Michelle; Dembek, Anna; Cavelius, Christian; Huwer, Hanno; Kraegeloh, Annette; Kiemer, Alexandra K
2010MAARSY - the new MST radar on Andøya/NorwayLatteck, R.; Singer, W.; Rapp, M.; Renkwitz, T.
2012MAARSY-the new MST radar on Andøya: First results of spaced antenna and Doppler measurements of atmospheric winds in the troposphere and mesosphere using a partial arrayStober, G.; Latteck, R.; Rapp, M.; Singer, W.; Zecha, M.
2011MAC and baseband processors for RF-MIMO WLANStamenkovic, Zoran; Tittelbach-Helmrich, Klaus; Krstic, Milos; Ibanez, Jesus; Elvira, Victor; Santamaria, Ignacio
2011MAC schemes on triangular Delaunay meshesEymard, Robert; Fuhrmann, Jürgen; Linke, Alexander
2009Machbarkeitsstudie für ein industrieorientiertes, innovatives Applikationslabor zum Transfer von Röntgentechnologien höchster räumlicher und zeitlicher AuflösungMBI
2011Macroporous smart hydrogels for fast-responsive piezoresistive chemical microsensorsSchulz, V.; Zschoche, S.; Zhang, H.P.; Voit, B.; Gerlach, G.
2020Macroscopic Self-Evolution of Dynamic Hydrogels to Create Hollow InteriorsHan, L.; Zheng, Y.; Luo, H.; Feng, J.; Engstler, R.; Xue, L.; Jing, G.; Deng, X.; del Campo, A.; Cui, J.
2015Magnetic anisotropy of endohedral lanthanide ions: paramagnetic NMR study of MSc2N@C80-Ih with M running through the whole 4f rowZhang, Y.; Krylov, D.; Rosenkranz, M.; Schiemenz, S.; Popov, A. A.
2006Magnetic field effects of double-walled carbon nanotubesLatgé, A.; Grimm, D.; Ferreira, M. S.
2008Magnetic field-induced twin boundary motion in polycrystalline Ni-Mn-Ga fibresScheerbaum, N.; Heczko, O.; Liu, J.; Hinz, D.; Schultz, L.; Gutfleisch, O.
2014Magnetic fields of Herbig Ae/Be starsHubrig, S.; Ilyin, I.; Schöller, M.; Cowley, C.R.; Castelli, F.; Stelzer, B.; Gonzalez, J.-F.; Wolff, B.
2014Magnetic flux-trapping of anisotropic-grown Y-Ba-Cu-O bulk superconductors during and after pulsed-field magnetizing processesOka, T.; Yamada, Y.; Horiuchi, T.; Ogawa, J.; Fukui, S.; Sato, T.; Yokoyama, K.; Langer, M.
2000Magnetic holes in the solar wind between 0.3 AU and 17 AUSperveslage, K.; Neubauer, F.M.; Baumgärtel, K.; Ness, N.F.
2021Magnetic Hysteresis at 10 K in Single Molecule Magnet Self‐Assembled on GoldChen, Chia-Hsiang; Spree, Lukas; Koutsouflakis, Emmanouil; Krylov, Denis S.; Liu, Fupin; Brandenburg, Ariane; Velkos, Georgios; Schimmel, Sebastian; Avdoshenko, Stanislav M.; Federov, Alexander; Weschke, Eugen; Choueikani, Fadi; Ohresser, Philippe; Dreiser, Jan; Büchner, Bernd; Popov, Alexey A.
2020Magnetic Micromotors for Multiple Motile Sperm Cells Capture, Transport, and Enzymatic ReleaseXu, H.; Medina-Sánchez, M.; Schmidt, O.G.
2020Magnetic Monopoles and Superinsulation in Josephson Junction ArraysTrugenberger, Carlo; Diamantini, M. Cristina; Poccia, Nicola; Nogueira, Flavio S.; Vinokur, Valerii M.
2019Magnetic origami creates high performance micro devicesGabler, F.; Karnaushenko, D.D.; Karnaushenko, D.; Schmidt, O.G.
2017Magnetic properties of GaAs-Fe3Si core-shell nanowires — A comparison of ensemble and single nanowire investigationHilse, Maria; Jenichen, Bernd; Herfort, Jens
2017Magnetic properties of individual Co2FeGa Heusler nanoparticles studied at room temperature by a highly sensitive co-resonant cantilever sensorKörner, Julia; Reiche, Christopher F.; Ghunaim, Rasha; Fuge, Robert; Hampel, Silke; Büchner, Bernd; Mühl, Thomas