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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Energy and symmetry of dd excitations in undoped layered cuprates measured By Cu L3 resonant inelastic x-ray scatteringMoretti Sala, M.; Bisogni, V.; Aruta, C.; Balestrino, G.; Berger, H.; Brookes, N.B.; De Luca, G.M.; Di Castro, D.; Grioni, M.; Guarise, M.; Medaglia, P.G.; Miletto, Granozio, F.; Minola, M.; Perna, P.; Radovic, M.; Salluzzo, M.; Schmitt, T.; Zhou, K.J.; Braicovich, L.; Ghiringhelli, G.
2010Femtosecond X-ray diffraction from nanolayered oxidesVon Korff Schmising, C.; Harpoeth, A.; Zhavoronkov, N.; Woerner, M.; Elsaesser, T.; Bargheer, M.; Schmidbauer, M.; Vrejoiu, I.; Hesse, D.; Alexe, M.
2009Investigation of changes in crystalline and amorphous structure during deformation of nano-reinforced semi-crystalline polymers by space-resolved synchrotron saxs and waxsSchneider, K.; Schone, A.; Jun, T.-S.; Korsunsky, A.M.
2019Resonant inelastic x-ray incarnation of Young’s double-slit experimentRevelli, A.; Moretti, Sala, M.; Monaco, G.; Becker, P.; Bohatý, L.; Hermanns, M.; Koethe, T.C.; Fröhlich, T.; Warzanowski, P.; Lorenz, T.; Streltsov, S.V.; van Loosdrecht, P.H.M.; Khomskii, D.I.; van den Brink, J.; Grüninger, M.
2014Studying nanostructure gradients in injection-molded polypropylene/ montmorillonite composites by microbeam small-angle x-ray scatteringStribeck, N.; Schneider, K.; Zeinolebadi, A.; Li, X.; Sanporean, C.-G.; Vuluga, Z.; Iancu, S.; Duldner, M.; Santoro, G.; Roth, S.V.