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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Antarctic sub-shelf melt rates via PICOReese, Ronja; Albrecht, Torsten; Mengel, Matthias; Asay-Davis, Xylar; Winkelmann, Ricarda
2016Experimental design for three interrelated marine ice sheet and ocean model intercomparison projects: MISMIP v. 3 (MISMIP +), ISOMIP v. 2 (ISOMIP +) and MISOMIP v. 1 (MISOMIP1)Asay-Davis, Xylar S.; Cornford, Stephen L.; Durand, Gaël; Galton-Fenzi, Benjamin K.; Gladstone, Rupert M.; Gudmundsson, G. Hilmar; Hattermann, Tore; Holland, David M.; Holland, Denise; Holland, Paul R.; Martin, Daniel F.; Mathiot, Pierre; Pattyn, Frank; Seroussi, Hélène
2014Fracture-induced softening for large-scale ice dynamicsAlbrecht, T.; Levermann, A.
2015Interaction of marine ice-sheet instabilities in two drainage basins: Simple scaling of geometry and transition timeFeldmann, J.; Levermann, A.
2012Kinematic first-order calving law implies potential for abrupt ice-shelf retreatLevermann, A.; Albrecht, T.; Winkelmann, R.; Martin, M. A.; Haseloff, M.; Joughin, I.
2014Modeling Antarctic tides in response to ice shelf thinning and retreatRosier, S.H.R.; Green, J.A.M.; Scourse, J.D.; Winkelmann, R.
2011Parameterization for subgrid-scale motion of ice-shelf calving frontsAlbrecht, T.; Martin, M.; Haseloff, M.; Winkelmann, R.; Levermann, A.
2019Scaling of instability timescales of Antarctic outlet glaciers based on one-dimensional similitude analysisLevermann, A.; Feldmann, J.
2019A simple stress-based cliff-calving lawSchlemm, T.; Levermann, A.
2011The Potsdam Parallel Ice Sheet Model (PISM-PIK) - Part 2: Dynamic equilibrium simulation of the Antarctic ice sheetMartin, M. A.; Winkelmann, R.; Haseloff, M.; Albrecht, T.; Bueler, E.; Khroulev, C.; Levermann, A.