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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Atmospheric black carbon and warming effects influenced by the source and absorption enhancement in central EuropeNordmann, S.; Cheng, Y. F.; Carmichael, G. R.; Yu, M.; van der Gon, H. A. C. Denier; Zhang, Q.; Saide, P. E.; Pöschl, U.; Su, H.; Birmili, W.; Wiedensohler, A.
2013Historic and future increase in the global land area affected by monthly heat extremesCoumou, Dim; Robinson, Alexander
2014Implications of potentially lower climate sensitivity on climate projections and policyRogelj, Joeri; Meinshausen, Malte; Sedláček, Jan; Knutti, Reto
2008Latitudinal wave coupling of the stratosphere and mesosphere during the major stratospheric warming in 2003/2004Pancheva, D.; Mukhtarov, P.; Mitchell, N. J.; Andonov, B.; Merzlyakov, E.; Singer, W.; Murayama, Y.; Kawamura, S.; Xiong, J.; Wan, W.; Hocking, W.; Fritts, D.; Riggin, D.; Meek, C.; Manson, A.
2017MIS-11 duration key to disappearance of the Greenland ice sheetRobinson, A.; Alvarez-Solas, J.; Calov, R.; Ganopolski, A.; Montoya, M.
2015Observation-based modelling of permafrost carbon fluxes with accounting for deep carbon deposits and thermokarst activitySchneider von Deimling, T.; Grosse, G.; Strauss, J.; Schirrmeister, L.; Morgenstern, A.; Schaphoff, S.; Meinshausen, M.; Boike, J.
2008Polar middle atmosphere temperature climatology from Rayleigh lidar measurements at ALOMAR (69° N)Schöch, A.; Baumgarten, G.; Fiedler, J.
2016Role of CO2, climate and land use in regulating the seasonal amplitude increase of carbon fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems: A multimodel analysisZhao, Fang; Zeng, Ning; Asrar, Ghassem; Friedlingstein, Pierre; Ito, Akihiko; Jain, Atul; Kalnay, Eugenia; Kato, Etsushi; Koven, Charles D.; Poulter, Ben; Rafique, Rashid; Sitch, Stephen; Shu, Shijie; Stocker, Beni; Viovy, Nicolas; Wiltshire, Andy; Zaehle, Sonke
2010Tropospheric forcing of the boreal polar vortex splitting in January 2003Peters, D. H. W.; Vargin, P.; Gabriel, A.; Tsvetkova, N.; Yushkov, V.
2017Understanding the origin of Paris Agreement emission uncertaintiesRogelj, J.; Fricko, O.; Meinshausen, M.; Krey, V.; Zilliacus, J.J.J.; Riahi, K.